Bluetooth and Google Now


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I recently had to get a bluetooth headset for work, however the default application that launches whenever I press the button on my headset (Google Voice Search I believe it is) only allows me to "call *name*".

I want to launch Google Now when I press that button so I can text, call, search, etc.

Anyway I can do this?


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I don't think Google Now listens to the Bluetooth mic. I tried it vanilla and I tried it with a "send everything to Bluetooth" app and about all the app did was kill the mic while it was running. A setting in Google Now for "Bluetooth" would be a nice addition.


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I know it's in 4.3, but it's not in 4.1 or 4.2 which is really annoying. It would be a great feature especially for states like Illinois that are passing new laws that prohibit the use of a handset while driving.