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I have a new JVC head unit in my car and I


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Randoid, BT streaming like that is something that I have never tried, so I probably won't be much help. That said, I will say that I sincerely doubt that rooting will solve the problem. As far as I know, rooted phones and custom ROMs for the D3 that work with Bluetooth are just using the same BT stack as the stock OS.

In scanning through the D3 and Bionic threads (the Bionic had a very similar build as the D3 when it had Gingerbread), I've seen the same issue reported without resolution. (See this, for example: )

This may sound weird, but is it possible that there is a software/firmware update for the JVC deck? I'm not sure if your model has an update, but this may be the place to look: Software Updates

If you look at that page, for example, there is this one:

KW-ADV64BTJ, KW-AV60BTJ, KW-AV60J, KW-AV68BTJW, KW-AV70BTJ, KW-AV78BTJW firmware update

This update improves the Bluetooth compatibility with CDMA phones.

The Droid 3 is definitely a CDMA phone... obviously, that may not be your deck, but perhaps there is an update?


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I have the same problem with my Motorola RAZR HD Maxx and my Bose SoundLink BT speakers. Very unstable connection with music streamed from the cloud. More stable with playing music from the phone itself though.

I get the same thing - the music will go away but it appears that the music is still playing on the app. I had no problems with the Bose and my iPhone. Also, I had the problem with the RAZR with both ICS and now JB 4.1.1. I've contacted both Motorola and Bose and neither were very helpful, blaming the other.

I only tried to stream music from the cloud once to my BT equipped car and had the same problem so I just gave up on that. It would seem that there is an issue with the BT stacks in the Google OS, although only with certain BT receivers and mostly when dealing with music streamed from the cloud. It's annoying. Streaming music from the cloud is huge for me. If they (Google) don't fix it soon it just might be enough to push me back to iPhone.