Help Bluetooth Auto Play problem

I'm having a problem with my Mazda 3 and Evo 4G. I paired up my phone no problems, but when I start the car the phone connects automatically, and begins playing a random song from my library. BUT when I launch the Music app, it DOES NOT show me what the bluetooth is playing!! It shows a completely different song!! when I hit play there, the bluetooth song stops and that song starts! ALSO if my phone screen is locked, when I press the power button I see a screen that DOES show me the song playing in bluetooth with a play pause button and another button to actually unlock the screen.

This tells me that there is another music player somewhere in the android operating system that is linked to bluetooth. but I cannot find it anywhere!

The only music apps I have on my phone are the default Music, and double twist. and neither one of these are being activated by bluetooth.

Any thoughts?