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Bluetooth - cannot connect w/ computer

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leightos, May 15, 2011.

  1. leightos

    leightos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've tried to connect my GS2 to my computer. Usually I don't have problems, but each time it comes back w/ "can't install device - driver not found."

    I've used the computer's connectivity wizard for this and also tried via Kies to connect. On one occasion, I got the phone to transfer a photo - but, then it stopped again.

    I've been to the Samsung website, installed drivers for Windows 7, but, still this doesn't seem to work.

    Anyone else having these problems? Anyone know where to get a bluetooth specific driver?

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  2. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Android Expert

    I have occasional problems with initial bluetooth pairings with devices, same as I used to have on the SGSI - those are fixed by restarting the phone.

    Have you connected the phone via USB to the computer with USB debugging enabled (Under Settings --> Applications --> Development), and Kies installed? It should copy drivers over then, or at least thats what it did for me from memory.
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  3. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

    I managed to pair the phone with my PC's bluetooth, but the button to explore the phone's files remained greyed out, along with 3 other buttons that are supposed to illuminate.

    I then clicked the only button I could, which sent a business card to the phone and I have no idea where it went, I want to delete it lol.
  4. leightos

    leightos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yes, and yes. But, as I would presume, the USB drivers and not the same as the Bluetooth drivers.

    I've tried to connect via the Laptop's BT wizard, where it tries to connect and in the end it fails "no driver available"

    I've tried via the Bluetooth connector in Kies too. That fails as, one, it states that it connect connect to Andriod devices (pretty fricking weirdd as that is what its supposed to support), and, two, it says the connect failed because 'connection was denied by the device' (And before anyone asks, yes, I did accept the connnetion on the phone).

    I would guess that SAMSUNG needs to read this thread, and add BT driver to their support website.
  5. infoprashant

    infoprashant Lurker

    I am also facing the similar problem with my Galaxy II (GT-i9100). Though Notebook (Window 7-64 bit) and Galaxy II gets paired but Windows fail to recognize it. When I run the trouble shooter online and try to apply the fix, the message appears "Bluetooth Peripheral Device doesn't have a driver" Not fixed. Neither Samsung has put any driver in its website to fix the problem. Will any body help me to fix the problem? Thanks!
  6. TheMegastar

    TheMegastar Newbie

    I own the new SGS 2 since one week and I have noticed that when I try to connect it to Kies on my pc, it says "android devices cannot connect to Kies via Bluetooth"! Is it true? Even my old Nokia phone was able to connect to Nokia PC Suite via Bluetooth, then why can't Samsung Galaxy S2 which is supposed to be the BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD TODAY? In order to transfer files and for sync, I have to use a cable to connect to Kies. Is Samsung listening?

    Secondly, there seems to be some problem with my phone ringer. When someone calls me, it does NOT ring on first try when the screen is off (timed out). On second try it does. Sometimes randomly it rings, sometimes it doesn't! Is this due to interference from some application I've installed? Or is it due to some Power Saving setting? PLS HELP!!
  7. mccm

    mccm Lurker

    this is a software issues,try to manage your os as cleans as possible,reboot once a day :)
  8. TheMegastar

    TheMegastar Newbie

    Thanks for your reply, Mccm, but can you be clear in what exactly are you saying? Are you saying that the SGS II does have the capability to connect to Kies on my pc via bluetooth??

    There are no issues with my OS. And yes, I reboot once a day. Are you saying that you and all other owners of SGS II are able to connect to Kies via bluetooth???
  9. Noghar

    Noghar Lurker

    You guys have left out the best bit - Kies actually has a menu item inviting you to connect to your phone via BT. Then a window pops up telling you Kies does not work over BT on Android. Then it tries to connect to the phone anyway. Then it tells you the device refused the connection.

    Yeah, for the slickest phone in the world, pretty clunky.
  10. TheMegastar

    TheMegastar Newbie

    Yes, Noghar, it is really surprising that the best phone in the world cannot connect to Laptop via bluetooth!! And I would have expected more replies from actual owners of this phone. I wonder why no one is replying on this important issue? Has anyone using sgs 2 been able to connect their phone & transfer files to & from the laptop using bluetooth?? Genuine owners of this phone, please answer.
  11. zaheer708

    zaheer708 Lurker

    Yes Bro, I own a Galaxy S2 since a week. I have the same problem with bluetooth connection with my laptop. Someone told me that S2 will not connect with my laptop as S2 is having newer version of BT i.e. v3.0 and laptop has got older version v2.0 . But this justification was proved wrong when i connected my S2 with my 5 year Old Asus P535 PDA.

    Looking for some solution.......
  12. TheMegastar

    TheMegastar Newbie

    Yes, you are right, Zaheer708....the version of bluetooth has got nothing to do with it and that is not a valid reason for the phone not connecting to the laptop via bluetooth. As per my understanding, the issue is of a missing "peripheral driver".....neither the Samsung people have cared to update Kies with the required driver nor the Microsoft people have updated it for Windows 7. I think the bluetooth connection will start working when either of these companies update this new driver on their sites. This is only my guess.....hope it turns out to be true.

    But this is really surprising that none of the actual owners of SGS II on this forum or even the moderator ( who I guess, must be a techie) have anything to say on this very important question. I am wondering why no one is confirming or denying that the SGS II can connect to Kies via bluetooth?????
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    I don't use BT to connect to anything other than a headset. As to being "a techie".... I'm no more that than many other members here.
  14. TheMegastar

    TheMegastar Newbie

    Cool. But I'm sure all the owners of SGS II must have tried to connect with Kies via bluetooth at one time or another after purchasing the phone, so why is no one posting here whether they were able to connect via bluetooth or not. There must be hundreds of owners of SGS II on this forum. Strange!

    If there is a problem with drivers on the Samsung or Microsoft Windows sites, then they should know about it and find a solution to the issue.
  15. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    This of course assumes that all SGS2 owners have BT-equipped PCs. ;)

    People will post if they have something to offer the discussion. If they don't.... well, you can't force them to contribute. Nobody is under any obligation here.
  16. jamesf861

    jamesf861 Lurker

    SGS2 owner here, with BT enabled laptop.
    Having the same problem wont connect to kies and cant find the bluetooth driver anywhere.
  17. Swamper73

    Swamper73 Lurker

    I have had GS2 for 3 weeks. On day 1 I was able to pair to my Samsung R720 Laptop vwith BT connection. Have not been able to transfer any files via BT. Windows (7) reports "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)" for the 4 entries within hardware manager for my GS2.

    Samsung need to release drivers. :mad:

    I also get the same messages as others regarding Kies not connecting via BT to Android - how lame!

    Any suggestions gratefully received!
  18. haggisnneeps

    haggisnneeps Lurker

    Just got my SGS2 last week and installed Kies today. Having the same problem and error mesages. Unbelievable

    Just saw a link somewhere that Video now works in Skype? Another annoyance.

    Things come full circle eh! Apple are the new Microsoft in the war of the smartphones agains the evil hoardes of open source.

    1 single piece of hardware everyone can write APIs and DLLs for versus thousands of handsets running multiple versions of Android or various others. No wonder nobody can keep up:mad:

    And i won't even get into my 5-6 hour battery life......i'm really considering an iPhone 5 now.:eek:... did i just say that?.......
  19. meanderix

    meanderix Lurker

    I'm having exactly the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2. This is something that needs to be urgently addressed by either Microsoft or Samsung. In another forum there was a suggestion to install "Microsoft Mobile Center" and to manually select "Windows Mobile-based device support" for the "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" (i.e. by manually updating it in the device manager), but I'm afraid that doesn't work with Kies, since it still tries to find another driver.
  20. Steve_lk

    Steve_lk Lurker

    I'm unable to pair properly my brand-new Galaxy S2 with a Dell laptop. It's unbelievable!!! Mom's Galaxy Mini paired seamlessly whereas mine (which is supposed to be the hottest phone in the world today) simply cannot.

    I've got Windows 7 64-bit; every time I try to pair the phone a window shows up saying "BLUETOOTH PERIPHERAL DRIVER - no driver found". This is insane, how could be possible that no one at Samsung tried to damn pair their flagship product with a Windows 7 computer???

    I'm very frustrated, hopefully some day there will be a solution to this.

    In the mean time, I'm gonna give my 2 cents and send an email to Samsung Global informing them about this GIANT issue. :mad:
  21. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    I must be in the minority here - I can connect my laptop and my phone over bluetooth with no problems and have been able to transfer files between the two.
  22. wergio

    wergio Lurker

    Where did you get the drivers ?! What's the exact name of the device in bluetooth device list?
  23. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    I didn't install any specific drivers - other than what may come with kies when it was installed. On the pc it appears as galaxy phone and I connect the same way as I do for any other bt gear
  24. nibir.mudai

    nibir.mudai Lurker

    Hi guys!! I have purchased Samsung GS2 couple of days back and facing the same problem with my BT enabled laptop. I think it's a generic problem for most of us. Still googling for a solution. Looking forward for the BT drivers. If anybody found the fix, then please do share.
  25. kilves76

    kilves76 Lurker

    Got a brand new Galaxy S2 with same problem with a Win 7 (32bit) laptop. No connection, driver not found, driver not installed.

    DISAPPOINTED with this phone because not even video chatting works :( Android 2.3.4 update is supposed to fix this, but it's been rumored to be coming since early June but that's all, it's just a rumor. I have zero willingness to start "rooting" this phone and instaling experimental, leaked, hacked updates which have been reported to be unstable and actually even breaking functionality of some parts of the phone.

    I am very annoyed that with same money i could have bought an iPhone where Bluetooth and video chatting actually works. But i wanted to believe in the "openness" of Android, which seems to be just bunch of bull as video chat upgrade was just released but only to Samsung Google Nexus S and few other phones.

    It's unbelievable that Samsung lets their flagship phone be lagging in functionality like this?!?!? As i don't hear much more about this, are people really not using their Bluetooth and Video chat? What's the point of buying a top of the line phone like this then?!?

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