Bluetooth connection to car audio


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Have huawei ascend Y300. When I try to connect to my Ford's audio I get to a stage where it asks for a pin which is displayed by the Ford but I can not unhide my phones keyboard to insert the pin.

Regards, Bob


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The app that asks for the pin hides the keyboard?

I don't care if it was Hauwei or Ford that wrote the app, I'd send a very polite letter (paper, not email) to the CEO (I'm not being facetious here - be VERY polite) expressing both my amazement and my extreme displeasure. You might be surprised at the results a little "pardon, your slip is showing" can bring.

Until then, if you can get the use of a Bluetooth keyboard, try that. Or MyPhoneExplorer, setting its keyboard (which will run on your laptop, desktop, whatever) as the default, at least until you get this job done.