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Bluetooth cutting in and out?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dropnbassonu, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. dropnbassonu

    dropnbassonu Member
    Thread Starter

    Has anybody else had this problem? While listening to any music through my bluetooth in my truck, several times a minute the music just cuts out for .25 second. The music doesn't miss a beat, just the feed through the stereo. I had my OG Droid connected and never had a problem with the bluetooth doing that.

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  2. prgrisham

    prgrisham Lurker

    Are you using the WiFi Hotspot at the same time? I have that exact problem, but it only happens when the wifi hotspot is engaged.
  3. smfoley1

    smfoley1 Android Enthusiast

    I have motorola BT speakers in my snowboard helmet and it also cuts out alot. I havent tried it since the 902 OTA though. I will get the chance to do it this weekend. hopefully the OTA solved the problem for me. I also noticed that it seems to be worse when its colder out as opposed to when its a bit warmer on the slopes...any idea if cold actually effects the BT or if it is just coincicence?
  4. MechGator

    MechGator Newbie

    Similar issues for me. Just purchased Moto S10hd BT headphones and I notice repeated, millisecond blips while listening to music. Never have used BT headphones before and I'm curious if it's the headphones or the Bionic. Happens regardless of the app I'm using; Google Music, stock app, Pandora...

    BTW, happened for me before and after 902. Pure stock Bionic.

    edit: after I posted I realize that my work laptop had BT, so I tried listening to a few tracks via Media Player through the BT headset...no blips. Seems the issue is with the Bionic, for me at least. Oh well, not the end of the world.

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