Help bluetooth disables Wi-fi

I recently bought a bluetooth speaker and now, when my phone's "bluetooth" is turned on, I lose WiFi signal. It's frustrating since I wanted to use it with streaming music off Google Music's All Access website. I had to download "Wifi fixer" at an earlier time because the phone lost Wi-Fi signal occasionally. My Ipad can stream music and send it to the bluetooth speaker, so I'll assume it's my phone. Any help is appreciated.


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Hi there, tildencards, and welcome to Android Forums. :)

I'm sorry you're having problems losing your wi-fi signal when using Bluetooth. Since this board isn't terribly active, let me see if I can round up some help. We'll try to get it all sorted out!


Thanks moodyblues. It's definitely a problem. Hopefully someone can relate and provide a solution.

Sounds like an odd problem, BlueTooth is affecting WiFi. Have you tried resetting it to factory defaults first of all, just in case it's acting funky. Backup anything important first though. Also you could check if there's a software upgrade for it. There's another thing you could try though, even though your Apple device is working just fine, try changing the channel on your router in case the BT is interfering with the WiFi. They're actually on the same band, 2.4GHz, and interference can be a possibility.


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Yes, I've reset to factory defaults as well as made sure everything is up to date. I have not tried "changing to another channel". I've wondered if it wasn't an interference issue. I'm not sure I follow what changing to another channel is, though. How do I do that?