Help Bluetooth disconnects during phone calls


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Is anyone else having a problem using a bluetooth headset and having it randomly disconnect during a phone call? Then I need to connect it again. My fiance has the same problem with the same phone, different headset. It's rather frustrating...


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I setup bluetooth in both my cars over the weekend. My wife's with a Parrot MKi9000 and my car with a MotoT605. I've been taking her car to work this week and Pandora (or randomly loses A2DP after a song is finished. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes. Other times it disconnects after every song. A few times it disconnects and then quickly reconnects. Most of the time I have to switch the input on the mki9000 from bluetooth audio to bluetooth audio, and then do it again and hit play.

I was hoping it was a pandora bug, but did the same thing. I haven't played around with my car enough to see if it is the phone or the receiver.


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anyone else having this problem? We're still quite consistently having our BT headsets disconnect randomly during phone calls...


I've got the same problem with both my ProPlantronics and Backbeat. They disconnect and reconnect randomly but only on my Inc. I've used them on other phones and devices, no problem.
I read somewhere that there was a connection with having wifi on. Haven't had a chance to test that out.