Help Bluetooth doesn't want to turn off


Good day,

Since yesterday my Bluetooth simply refuses to be turned off. If I attempt to turn it off, the phone crashes and reboots. I used the Bluetooth with my Google maps yesterday, besides that I never used it before. My android version 6.0, can anyone help me out?

Tried restarting it, tried to force shut down it and used the flightmode. It only stopped the Bluetooth for a few seconds. I also uninstalled a few programs to see if they might be the problem. Still no solution.


Could be this "Bluetooth File Transfer" app turning on the BT. As @Dannydet suggested, try uninstalling it, see what happens then. However if the phone is also crashing and rebooting, that could well be something more serious, like a firmware instability or bug or other problem in the whatever it is phone you've got.