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Support BLUETOOTH FILE TRANSFER still tries to transfer after failure and unpairing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aquil, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. aquil

    aquil Member
    Thread Starter

    May 16, 2010
    I'm using the Galaxy Spica i5700 with the firmware I570EDXJC4.

    Yesterday, I tried to send files via bluetooth from the gallery to my Win 7 PC using Microsoft's default bluetooth program to accept and Gallery to send.

    I have started the acceptance of file of the microsoft bluetooth app and successfully sent around 10 files from my Sony Ericsson W980i. I know now that it's working.

    Then when it's time for my android phone. I selected pictures from the Gallery, then Share via Bluetooth. I have already paired the two devices before sharing, I think. I then selected my PC to share the photos to. Then the bluetooth window or settings minimizes bringing me back to the Gallery app.

    I assume it was already sending. I forgot that I haven't set my PC to accept the file yet :eek:

    The first 'batch fails'.

    Then I set the PC to accept the files like before with my W980i.

    I figured to do it again, since the first one fails. I selected again the photos from my gallery then shared again via bluetooth. (the usual process with feature phones and other phones with bluetooth [not recent smartphones])

    My phone could not send anymore the files. Notification piles. My PC is not receiving anything from my phone.

    Then I gave up. Turned off bluetooth and cleared the notification area.

    Today, I turned on the bluetooth again to pair with my headphone.

    Then after a while, notifications of failed file transfers started popping up. Piling up about 5 or more notifications per minute.. :(

    I unpaired my phone with my PC hoping it will stop. The notification still piles.

    The only way to turn the notifications of was to turn off the bluetooth permanently.

    But when I reopen the bluetooth again. There they are, piling up. The phone is trying to send the files again even though it is not paired with anything.

    I turned off the phone and turn it back on. When the bluetooth starts, the notification starts too. :(



    Then just after a minute.


    Is there anyway to reset it or something? Hoping not to restore to default settings, or flashing again...

    Here are the notification messages.

    File Transfer
    The file was not sent to "DESKTOP".
    File: 2010-06-04 17.06.03.jpg
    Failure reason: Unable to create content to send.

    File Transfer
    The file was not sent to "DESKTOP".
    File: 2010-06-04 17.15.23.jpg
    Failure reason: The remote Bluetooth device disconnected.

    The first one, I could forgive because the SD card isn't mounted yet--I just turned on the phone.
    The second one is the annoying one.

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  2. iqbalsyamsu

    iqbalsyamsu New Member

    Jun 23, 2010
    i have the same issue exactly...
    i always got error message: unable to create content to send.

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