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Bluetooth Game Controller for your Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mmgtony, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. mmgtony

    mmgtony Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    Here is a couple of Bluetooth game pads for mobile phones that support Bluetooth profile.



    I worked with both the BGP100 and Zeemote on other mobile platforms. They both work quit good with action games. The buttons/keys can be user programmable meaning with the proper driver you can configure the buttons for game specific actions. This worked well under other platforms.


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  2. HardCache

    HardCache Member

    ya, if the zeemote worked with android, and there were some serious games that support it, I'd be interested.
  3. low

    low Lurker

    I would love to have zeemote support!
    I notice on the zeemote page that they list different models for every phone. Which one would would I need for droid if you do write a driver?

    Would it be programmable so that stick directions and buttons represent key presses, so that it works with all games(although, mostly interested in gensoid/nesoid support) without support needed to be programmed directly into the games?
  4. I was looking around on the net for a bluetooth or diy usb controller to use with my droid when I stumbled on this post. I would looooooooove to see a controller for droid. How can I help?
  5. asylum5150

    asylum5150 Lurker

    I would be extremely interested as i have been spending the last two weeks investingating what i would need to do to be able to use a controller on my droid. if you make drivers let us know.
  6. mmgtony

    mmgtony Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the slow response. I'm trying to finish off this new print driver for android before i can spend some time on this.

    I know i can post key strokes and cursor movements as my KeyPro driver seems to be working so far.

    I imagine that games on Android/Droid is similar with keyboard input except for directional movement as I've seen games change direction by tilting the device. I'm not sure how this will be translated to the STICK directional movement but i can take a look at it after I finish the current project.

    more to come....
  7. low

    low Lurker

    Glad to hear that you're still considering this. Looking forward to it!
  8. toorude

    toorude Lurker

    First of all I'm excited to hear that someone with the know-how is trying to develop a gamepad driver for android! Just a suggestion here, but I think it would be best if u focused on the ps3 gamepad instead - I'm quite sure more people could benefit from already owning the hardware, and most will agree it is a nicer gamepad than any mobile-only bt gamepad.

    Id love to play snesoid with a ps3 pad! I think you could develop it into a nice paid app on the android market!
  9. alanamy0807

    alanamy0807 Lurker

    Could u publish the driver for Android,plz
    I am waiting and searching this js1's driver for a long time, when received, i
  10. mmgtony

    mmgtony Member
    Thread Starter

    I imagine the PS3 controller is HID. If so then I'm not sure what HID API the Android/Droid OS supports at this time. Will have to see.

    All of the gamepads on the market today supports SPP profile and for this reason I already have communications solution.
  11. mmgtony

    mmgtony Member
    Thread Starter

  12. alanamy0807

    alanamy0807 Lurker

    Id Glad to hear that you're still considering to development zeemote pad app for Android ! Looking forward to it!

    Thank you for your hard work!

    Happy Holidays...
  13. freeqaz

    freeqaz Lurker

    Well mmgtony, I've crawled all your threads several times over the last month. You've made me sign up for this forum, gave you a refer too. xP

    Anyway, this android keypad would be awesome. The Droid has a 4-directional dpad. So playing older games like Sonic is a pain since I can't go diagonally. I am willing to buy a gamepad specifically for my droid for this purpose, I'll even dev test for you. I code games myself, so I'm a driver newbie. But I'll grab all the game apps I can find and test them.

    Mentioned before, but I will motion it again, the driver needs to be able to press keys. All the current applications work off of the keyboard or the touchscreen. If you could literally map the device yourself with a user customization screen to map the buttons to specific keyboard strokes. I don't know how replacing the accelerometer would work, but for apps like Gensoid, GameBoid, snesoid... it would work marvelously.
    shoot me a PM dude
  14. alanamy0807

    alanamy0807 Lurker

    hi mmgtony,do u have any information about js1' android program file. we still pay close attention to your bluetooth game controller thread every day.
    thank u very much!
  15. gentlefury

    gentlefury Android Enthusiast

    they're both so ugly. I would rather see one that hooked onto the phone and made it one piece like a psp.
  16. Sanka31

    Sanka31 Lurker

    +1 interested in your idea, mostly for MSI one, for its cross-directionnal pad, and the fact it has more keys (but I agres, the design is awful ! But all I need is a working pad :) )
  17. mmgtony

    mmgtony Member
    Thread Starter

    The best i can say is that its coming. I ran into problems with the BlueTxT printing app. It seems its not easy to extract data from Android application.

    I'm able to get mail data now so I will finish the mail printing part and release it for reviews soon.

    Then while user are providing feedback on printing I will move all development focus to GamePro-Android. GamePro will move faster because I already have code for input commands. I just need time to work on it.

    Sorry for the slow support on this GamePro. It will be here soon enough.
  18. mmgtony

    mmgtony Member
    Thread Starter


    Thanks for the game play information. This is exactly the type of information I'm looking for. It basically tells me that the GamePro concept is do able. I already have code for mapping every key for use with bluetooth keyboards. If games use keys for control then we have the tools to make GamePro a reality.

    As for the accelerometer, we will have to figure out a way to map it to the Arrow keys on the MSI/BGP100 and the Stick directional movement on the Zeemote JS1 controller. Right now I can navigate with arrows on keyboards. We will worry about this when we get there.

    I'm getting excited just talking about this project. Its next in the que...
  19. Conehead

    Conehead Lurker

    Just sending my full support for this gamepad drivers!
    My personal opinion and I think I speak for all my gamer friends as well. I think the MSI gamepad seems way more suitable as a gamepad. Especially for emulators and I mean it's always nicer to get a good grip of small gaming devices instead of balancing it against something or get some extra docking station to be able to play with some wireless unattached gamepad. (But that's my opinion of course ;))

    Looking forward for the release of your drivers (What shall I search for on the market anyway? Got some sweet name)?
    Also would be cool to keep in mind for us sad Europeans that we can't download from Market yet :p. But I know I will put donations for an app like this and I don't think I'm the only one!
  20. YW-Slayer

    YW-Slayer Lurker

    I also signed up for this forum to show my support for a Bluetooth-compatible Android gamepad (driver).

    It would be great to be able to play Contra Spirits and Area 88 properly! Now if only Final Fantasy II etc. would run on my Milestone...
  21. IguanaC64

    IguanaC64 Lurker

    Signed up to the forums just to follow this thread. I bought a BGP100 in anticipation of folks getting this to work on Android!
  22. Ancontr86

    Ancontr86 Lurker

    any updates on this?
  23. esincho

    esincho Lurker

    Before purchasing my N1, I saw a video of a Zeemote playing nice with Android promising full support 2 come. I've been hunting around and can't find any progress on this. I have my Zeemote working great with my TP2, thanks 2 a program I bought with a modified version 2 support WM. I searched the same site and only found Bluetooth keyboard support for Android. My Mobile Gear - Mobile Community - Powered by vBulletin.
  24. Artemis

    Artemis Lurker

    Sign me up for a driver that supports any BT game controller. Is there any way a driver can be made to support a PS3 controller? That would be the shiz.

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