bluetooth handset for app sound?


Is it inherent in Android that the phone Handset profiles (HSP and HFP) can't be used for audio from the non-cellphone applications?

I would like to listen to voice quality audiobooks and podcasts on my generic bluetooth headset, without buying an expensive stereo bluetooth headset.


Is there a list of Android phones that support A2DP? I would like to use a bluetooth headset for android GPS app (Navigator). I am hard of hearing and it is difficult to hear the directions clearly, especially if the radio is on.
Droid 1 is compatible. I bought this....


$100 at Best Buy
cheaper online.

I can listen to
phone calls
my music I have on the Droid
GPS Navigation. And if I'm listening to music, the music will mute, the directions will come through, then the music automatically picks back up.

I tried to charge it using a blackberry charger in the truck one day, and fried it, best buy swapped it out. Now, I only charge it at home using the charger that came with it and I have had ZERO complaints.

I use it in my jeep with no doors. 65 mph and I can still hear the music
I use it mowing the lawn, no wires to snag. I wear them under my ear protection that I wear when I mow.

all in stereo

I haven't used my radio in the jeep in over a year and this item makes me not even miss it. Gonna have to put a CB in the spot soon.