Caitlin Scott

Jul 30, 2022
Good afternoon
Please can someone help me. I have already tried many tutorials but nothing works, my Bluetooth headphones (jabra elite) worked fine for months, and suddenly the sound is reduced when playing any media. The "connected" sound is normal but any media is quiet even on max volume. I have tried reconnecting and restarting of course, but I have also even become a developer so I can access developer options and turned off absolute volume. Nothing works, nothing changes the sound or gets rid of this symbol that has appeared at the top of my screen (please see photo). That symbol is only there when my headphones are connected and I cannot get rid of it, it's definitely connected to the sound issue but I have no idea why or how to turn it off. Please can someone help me?

Thank you


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Check that the "Media volume limit" hasn't been set. You might find it in Settings > Sounds and Vibration, depending on your particular phone or tablet. This is an Android feature that's supposed to protect hearing from excessive volumes.
That Status Bar icon your pen is pointing towards is perhaps related to your Jabra Elite microphone? Which model of Jabra Elite earbuds do you have? There are several. Assuming you have the Jabra Sound+ app installed to manage your earbuds have you tried looking the menu option in the utility to see if there's some options to tweak about the mic functionality?
Sometimes it can be a confusing task to manage Bluetooth earbuds. Some are simple and easy to manage, some have so many features that there's a mix of Android Bluetooth menu options and a proprietary, third-party, manufacturer app menu options that intermingle with each other in confusing ways.