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Bluetooth Headphones Cut Out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dustinscherer, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. dustinscherer

    dustinscherer New Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else have a problem with Bluetooth headphones cutting out on the MyTouch 3G, or other similar device. I have tried disabling WiFi and GPS, as well as disabling automatic updating widgets and programming in an effort to fix this. I have also put in a questionnaire to Altec Lansing, but haven't heard anything back.

    Plantronics BackBeat 903

    MyTouch 3G 1.0

    Any help and / or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


  2. cigar3tte

    cigar3tte Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 2009
    Had some with Motorola S9-HD, but not as much with the Nokia BH-501. Mine is rooted and using FastTest ROM atm though.
  3. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    I have two pair - Motorola S9-HD and the Jaybirds. I don't really ever experience problems with either of them. However, let me explain.

    While on campus, listening to music by way of my phone, I'll have my phone in the backpack pouch for MP3 players that is at the top of the bag against my back, so its right next to the bluetooth transmitter for the S9-HDs, the Jaybirds aren't as good or the same high quality as the S9-HDs (in my opinion) and because of that they do cut out here and there. But that's relatively rare while my phone is in my bag. But if I'm using the Mytouch arm band there's a different story. The Motorolas are still near flawless, but the Jaybirds are pretty bad, cutting out quite often.

    I do recognize that when I turn on the Wifi, or GPS while using them, then the phone slows down and the quality is not good because the phone is just intensely used so it causes the music to skip, no matter which headset.

    So, that's my experience, hope it helps some.

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