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Tips bluetooth headset brand

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gsdan, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. gsdan

    gsdan Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 21, 2011
    Anyone use a bluetooth for voice dialing , if so , what brand/model. My older Plantronics Explorer 230 won't voice dial. Plantronics says that none of their headsets will voice dial , but I have read comments from people who have the 540 model that say otherwise. What's the deal ?


  2. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member

    Jan 18, 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA
    In my personal opinion (which with a quarter gets you 20 min. at a parking meter)

    The Jawbone is THE ONLY BLUETOOTH. Seriously. I have had 3 of them now, NOT because of failure, they all still work (1 I returned, short explanation in a sec).

    They don't have QUITE as many features as some, BUT for noise cancellation, etc. they just cannot be beat.

    BTW: Called Jawbone because, they all have the Microphone, AND a tiny rubber "Pimple" comming out of the bottom near the MIC. That thing touches your jawbone/cheek, and takes the vibration data, put thru a processor with the microphone data compare and toss out the bad.
    Like throat mics work in the military. (say it's the same tech for Chopper pilots and Tank commanders).

    I had the Jawbone II, Awesome. But got bored, wanted an update.
    They came out with the "ICON" it was 1/2 the length. ALOT of problems as it was not long enough for that thing to touch my cheek/jaw well. you could see how important, if I barely touched it to my face, everybody said Now you sound PERFECT.

    BUT, alot of people had this issue, so way ahead of when the next version would be released (got it out quicker as I think they realized the short one was nice and small but fit wasn't great, so the latest, is back to the original size)

    Called the Jawbone ERA. Has 2 micro Processors in it. It has 1 button, that you can HOLD DOWN, then VOICE DIAL, Flawlessly for me. If you just tap that button 1 of several things can happen, you decide. Connect to computer and flash the device what you want it to do.

    Also, you add names w/ numbers on the website, and flash to it, then it talks in your ear....John Smith calling.

    For ending calls, redial, pairing, etc. It has an accelerometer, so just tapping it twice (no button, just tap it), it senses the taps and does whatever.

    For pairing, you just hold it by one end and whip it 3 times(like thumb/forefinger) you sling it (like trying to get ink to the bottom of a pen), whip 1,2,3....it's in pairing...

    BEST PRODUCTS OF ALL OF THEM (BTW, I HAVE HAD Platronics, as well as about 5-6 others till I landed on this, they are expensive so I was leaning away, but what you spend w/ the others, getting new ones, etc. this is the best.

    Small advice: It is about $130 at the store. Got mine (2 of them) on Ebay, Original box, etc. Look for return policy, as SOMETIMES (not often) Chinese Knock-offs are sold on Ebay as original. So when I get it I call Jawbone, make up a tech problem, and they ask for the serial number, you give it and prove it's legit.

    Good luck.....any questions, PM or post....sorry so long, I couldn't help myself I love it.

    Direct to your question: I almost Never have a mix up with voice dial.......MAYBE 1 in 20 or more...Plus voice command for anything else, time, apps, notes, etc. (this is also stuff you can flash to the device, different apps for whatever)

    The website and stuff you can flash is limited as it is new, but more is comiming all the time....

    Good Luck...let me know what you get and how the v-dial is. BTW: Ebay I got the ERA for $75 shipped.

    Take care..Spyder

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