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Bluetooth headset issue with Huawei Slim S7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by milosevski, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. milosevski

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    Hi all,

    well, problem is there since I purchased this tablet. I've tried it with several BT headsets and always the same problem.

    It's paired and connected pretty fast, but when in call, other party can't hear me well while he is talking. It seems like tablet can't send my voice until other (incoming) voice is on. When other party stops talking I can talk and sound is sent normaly.
    I've noticed this to be even bigger problem when other party is in some noisy place (on the street, listening to the music etc) and all those noises are sent as a sound to me, so everything I say gets muted (or in best case choppy).
    Anyway, I can hear other party good, there is no problem in opposite direction, just outgoing voice get muted.
    When I switch to speaker everything is good.

    I've read somewhere that this is problem in Froyo, but my question is if anybody else got this problem and if there is some kind of solution. Haven't tried wired headset yet, but I don't think there will be problem.

    Headset is Nokia BH 105, but I've tried BH 104 as well. Both headsets works just fine with other phones.

    Hope I was clear with question and looking forward to your responses. Thanks in advance.

    Maybe this should go to another section, like Android accessories, but Admin will help about that, I hope, since question is not related specifically for s7 slim, it's more froyo bt problem as it seems.

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