Bluetooth in my Hyundai ?


I've had my Epic for several months - my first ever smart phone. Last month I bought a new Hyundai Tucson with built-in Bluetooth - my first ever Bluetooth. (See a pattern here? Definitely a potential for operator error or misunderstanding ;) )

Here is my question. I have a coworker who has a Hyundai Genesis and an iPhone. When she gets in the car and starts it, the radio announces "Bluetooth connected", which she says is helpful because several times she hasn't heard it and realized that she left her phone behind. OTOH when I get into my car and start it, it doesn't say a word, although I do get a tiny Bluetooth icon on the radio display. I don't get any verbal confirmation unless I press the car's BT button.

I'd like for it to tell me verbally it's connected, although it's obviously not critical. I'm as much curious as anything - is the "announcement" a function of Bluetooth? Or of the car? Or of the phone? And is there an app of some sort that would give me that announcement when it connects? It would be nice because there have been a few times where they didn't connect, and I didn't realize it until I was driving and didn't want to mess with the controls. Thanks.


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It's the car.

My 2011 Sonata also doesn't give an audio cue. I do get some text on the nav screen saying the device is connected. When my wife's iphone connects, there is also no audio cue.

Here's the thing: once you've paired once with the car and connected, as long as you leave your BT radio enabled on the phone side, the car will automatically find the phone every time you get in. I've learned to trust that the phone gets connected to the car, even if I didn't notice the text on the screen.


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Aha, thanks for the explanation. Bluetooth is still sort of a magic box to me, LOL.

One problem though is that even though the phone & car have been paired and connected, they don't always reconnect the next time I get in the car. Not a problem for this forum because I've seen other complaints on the Hyundai board so I think it's a car/implementation problem, but it would be nice if I could find an app to announce the connection. I can get along with it not always connecting... after all, last month I didn't have anything to connect to and didn't know any better :D.

Thanks again.


It's the phone, not the car. I have a '11 Kia Optima, and my phone hardly ever automatically connects, and if it does and I decide to leave the car without turning BT off, when I get back in the car it doesn't reconnect and starts vibrating violently and freezes up. Also, can you make more than one phone call? I can only make/receive one call. As soon as I hang up, the phone vibrates like crazy again and it's hosed until I restart/pull battery. It's probably a safety liability in the waiting...:mad:


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hmm. well I will say that certain ROMs have had issues with connecting to my car. So it could be that something in the Epic's BT stack might not be playing nice with the Hyundai. Not sure if rangers28's issue is widespread or not....

And just a clarification, when I said "it's the car," I was referring to the audio cue when the phone connects. Meaning, it's not something you can turn on or off from the phone end. And AFAIK, there's no way to configure it on the car-side either, but it's a property of the car's computer.


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I have a '10 Hyundai Sonata Limited and my phone works fine with it. In fact, every phone I've owned has. However, I don't have the dvd navigation package, just the regular Bluetooth speaker phone above the rear view mirror.

That said, there are known issues with the 2011 Hyundai Sonata and Bluetooth phones:
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