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Bluetooth issues?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Arius1, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Arius1

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    So I'm almost up with my 30 days for the Droid. I have a blueant q1 which I've sent back already.

    Here's the odd thing. I think the Q1 also has it's own issue and looks like I'm past the 30 days to return this because blueant took their sweet time in getting me a replacement.

    Here's some testing I've done.

    I test my Q1 on my wife's samsung rogue and had issues. Well then I took my buddies jawbone prime and paired it to the Droid. It still had issues the volume was very low even though I had it raised up. I called my wife back on his storm and it was 3x louder and clearer she said. So Moto's answer was to do a master reset which I did but I don't have another earpiece to test with right now.

    I plugged my wife's itouch earphones into the Droid and if I raise the volume when playing music it's like the bass is way to high and starts drowning out the music.

    So my question is does anyone else have this issue or heard of it? Moto wants me to go return the phone which I have no problem doing but want to make sure others don't have these two issues. Plus I need to find a new headset :(

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    Posted this in the wrong place. Sorry

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