Bluetooth keeps searching and chiming


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My wife and I both use bluetooth headsets to listen to music on our phones. On my phone, I can turn off the headset and all is as expected, but when my wife turns hers off, the phone keeps searching for the bluetooth device and puts out an irritating chime every minute or two. If she's not in the area where the headset is, it doesn't occur.

Since we both use the same brand headset, it seems pretty obvious that she has some setting different on her phone than I have, but I can't figure out what it might be.

I'm hoping some of you might have a suggestion where I can start.



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I have had this happen to me as well when using bluetooth in the car. The only way I can stop it is to turn bluetooth on the phone off. I have a widget now to do that, although sometimes the widget doesn't stop it either and I have to go into settings.

Only been a real problem since update to ICS.


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I told her to turn bluetooth off and on to solve the problem and it has, though that's quite irritating. I don't have Ice Cream on my phone and she does on hers, so apparently its a bug in the system. Sure hope they get a fix for it.