Aug 15, 2011
Vancouver, BC Canada
I recently switched to direct streaming into my hearing aids (previously used an external device to do this) and one annoyance is my Pixel 3a regularly turning off the Bluetooth on its own so the streaming to hearing aids is disconnected.

I just went into Battery settings and turned off "Adaptive Preferences" to extend battery life as this is the only thing I can see that potentially would turn off Bluetooth without my doing it manually. I already had Battery Saver turned off.

This is more of an annoyance than anything but it makes a difference because I am more attentive to turning the sound off on my phone in certain settings if the sound is NOT streamed to my hearing aids.
Maybe try disabling Settings > Network & internet > Adaptive connectivity to see if that has any effect? I think that should only manage WiFi and mobile data connections but I wonder if it might also be impacting Bluetooth for some reason.
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Is your phone on your person at all times..?? Bluetooth only has about a 30 foot range.
Most hearing aids connect to Android phones using BLE (bluetooth low energy) which has a very limited range. The range is less than regular bluetooth but uses far less energy. Perhaps you are exceeding the BLE range.