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As mentioned in earlier posts, I was totally psyched I could finally use my Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard with my Optimus V, after upgrading to 2.3 with the AOSPCMod. Here's an update:


Not all the keys did what I wanted, so I had to do some labeling. The ones with blank tape don't do anything. The keys with tape require you to press alt + those keys to make those symbols, except for "menu" and "scrn".

The blue Fn+a acts as the Android menu button. Blue Fn+f turns the screen off and on, like pressing the power button. I tried other combinations of keys hoping to do more Android specific stuff, but couldn't find any.

With the phone oriented horizontally, you have to use the arrow keys "turned" as I've labeled them. It's a bit annoying.

I mentioned there was a low battery and Bluetooth issue, turns out there wasn't. I had the phone down to 10% and it still worked fine. I got about 6 hours of battery life with Bluetooth on and using the keyboard.

The pairing is great, you only have to do it once. From then on just open the keyboard, tap on any key, and it'll connect. Once in awhile the phone will stop responding to keyboard input and still say it's paired. To fix this, turn the keyboard off (in my case, partially close it), wait a few seconds, then turn it back on.

I'm a college student finishing up this semester, and my phone and keyboard helped me get 4 papers done the past few days, without having to lug around my laptop.

Finally, here's a demonstration of one the many cool things you could do with your Optimus V and a Bluetooth keyboard:

YouTube - "Is that a Neo Geo in your pocket, or are you just..."


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As much as I love my Optimus V, there were a few things bugging me about it:

1) There's no keyboard!
2) The screen's too small!
3) The speaker sucks!

So I performed the following upgrades:



Before: No keyboard. After: It's got a keyboard!

Before: 3.25" screen. After: (The equivalent of a) 5" screen! (When you look through the glass)

Before: 1 x .5" speaker. After: 4 x 3.25" speakers!

Wooo yeah!


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FYI, I just tried updating my AOSPCMod to the new 20110523, and lost my beloved Bluetooth keyboard support.

It still connected, but the phone no longer responded to any input but the arrow keys. I was a very sad panda. Had to go back to 20110427.