Help Bluetooth Near


I am after suggestions to to trigger an SMS message when power is applied to a circuit and I was thinking of using Bluetooth Near but was wondering if there is a better alternative or a way to improve my idea.

By way of background we're moving to a new office that won't have a landline (we're using cloud based phones instead) to handle security monitoring but the office will always have an old Android phone present for sms comms (MightyText) and music (Spotify) via bluetooth speakers. The bluetooth will be powered on the office light switch circuit so I will set up Tasker to send an SMS to the manager when the Bluetooth connects and disconnects so he knows when the office opens and closes.

I need to find another way to send SMS messages if the security system is triggered and I was thinking of getting another bluetooth device that is powered by the same feed as the siren. That way when the siren is activated, the bluetooth is turned on, the phone detects the available connection (bluetooth near) and can start sending messages and making calls. To make this work reliably I think I need to configure Tasker to check for available BT devices every 1 second unless I can find another way of doing this. Suggestions or comments on how to best make this work reliably would be appreciated.