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Bluetooth PAN on android mobile

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by JC2006, Sep 26, 2014.

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    I am completely new to the world of android. Below is what we are trying to achieve.
    We are trying to connect an android mobile to a laptop machine using Bluetooth so that we can access one of the websites on the machine.
    For this we are using BluetoothPan class as described in
    winapi - Android BluetoothPAN to create TCP/IP network between Android device and Windows7 PC - Stack Overflow

    But when I run this code I get a log like below

    09-26 10:19:45.952: D/BluetoothPan(20115): connect(0C:84:DC:E6:C2:F1)
    09-26 10:19:45.953: D/MainActivity(20115): Connected = false
    09-26 10:19:45.956: D/BluetoothPan(20115): onServiceConnected, mService: android.bluetooth.IBluetoothPan$Stub$Proxy@4226b438

    I checked this in the BluetoothPan class and it seems it does go inside connect method but then it is not able to connect to the laptop machine.

    So what could be the probable reasons for this, the laptop machine bluetooth is ON and is already paired with the mobile.


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