May 4, 2018
I'm trying to listen to music via bluetooth speakers from my OP5. But...
Seems like pocket mode (or something) is in some ways affecting bluetooth. Its not about weak antena and/or bluetooth connection, because it works on some fair distances (behind the walls etc too), but doesn't, when its less than 1m from speakers while OP5 is in my pocket (well, it does, but it randomly mutes every few sec for a while).

Disabling pocket mode does change nothing. But it defenietly is about some sensors on the front. Looks like I can "mute" bluetooth music just by puting the phone against my body (doesn't work on some solids or when it lies on bed). I can actually "mute" just by putting my finger in the top right corner. It doesn't work all the time, more like 50-70%, idk.

No idea how to fix these issues. But if its intended to make it work that way, someone fked up really bad with this idea. I can't simply listen to music and cary my phone in my pocket? WHY?

BTW. When it starts playing again, it sometimes speeds up the music to like 150-250% of normal speed for few seconds, just like it would want to make up for lost few seconds. Its annoying.
Please help me fix this.

I've tried:
- restart bluetooth
- restart the phone
- clear bluetooth cache
- disable pocket mode
- change various bluetooth settings in developers mode (codecs etc)
Tried with several bluetooth devices (two different sets of speakers and one headphones).

I remember using bluetooth headphones few months back pretty regulary, and this issues wansn't affecting me back then. So I guess it must have started in some kind of update.