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Support Bluetooth range trouble

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by valpac, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. valpac

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    Jun 4, 2010
    Aerospace Engineer
    I really like the Incredible. But I have had some problems and now getting a new one.

    I bought the phone on launch day. The following weekend all my calls went directly to voicemail with no handset ringing. Was on the phone with verizon for approx. 2 hours trying everything. Finally, the tech "attached" my phone to her number (??) then "re-attached" it back to mine (???).

    The phone worked fine ever since, however, I noticed fewer reception bar in my normal hot spots.

    Then I purchased a new Plantronics 975 bluetooth headset and the range was about 9' before garbling reception. Thought I had a bad headset, got a new one, same problem. Tried a third headset, a Jabara Extreme, with the same problem.

    Brought the phone in this past weekend and explained my troubles. Had to "prove" to the "tech" that my headset was functioning propoerly by pairing it with the stores demo Incredible. Worked great. Convinced the tech my phone was not up to snuff. Hell, at the Verizon Store, I didn't even have 4 bars and 3G was spotty! I asked the tech If I can't get 4 bars here, where can I get 4 bars?

    "Somethings wrong with your phone." Finally.

    I dont know if that initial "re-attaching" trick screwed something up but I have my suspicions.

    They ordered me a new one and now I wait for it to get here.


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