Bluetooth Speaker App

I've always had an idea for an app but I have no idea if this is possible or practical. Could be a hell of a project but I know thats what you guys like...

Everyone at a party/gathering generally has their android with them. What if there was an app that allowed all the devices nearby to play the same song simultaneously through the speakers of the phones? I assume the connection would be created with bluetooth, but the key to this app would be connecting the phones has to be simple and quick, and run in the background.

It would go something like this...

A group of people download the app.
One "host" user creates a "party" or "group" or whatever and sets a password to join (or they could leave the session open).
The "host" then starts playing a playlist that is imported from his music (or maybe hosted online who knows).
The other users run the app which automatically finds the "sessions" within range.
They select the "session" they want to join and put in the password.
The app runs in the background of the phone and all phones connected play the music through the speakers.
Each device playing the music also repeats the audio signal coming in to expand the range of the "party".
Maybe there could also be external speakers connected, I dont know enough about bluetooth.

Im not sure how well the music would sound due to the latency of bluetooth or how well some phone speakers sound.

But I could see this as actually being a useful app when outdoors or whatnot.

I know that there are things similar to Samsungs AllShare, but this needs to be universal.

Let me know what you guys think either on here or at


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What if rather than the mp3s being sent out to the phones, what if the phones sent mp3s to a central device (either a phone or laptop) connected to a speaker? What if we turned that into a sort of jukebox application?

One device would create a session, and create a simple password to join the session. The user would then queue up about 5-10 songs to play. The music would play in a very simple player. While these tracks are playing, others are getting out their phones and joining the session using the short password. Once joined a secondary user can send an mp3 to the host device (over bluetooth) and the song would join the queue.

The current song, artist, and who uploaded it will be shown on each users screen, along with the next few tracks queued up to play.

Perhaps all the party members can vote a track up in the queue or down in the queue, or vote to skip. There would need to be a limit to number of votes to give per hour and number of songs to upload per hour. These could all be customized by the host.

Another possible feature would be session members could download the current songs playing, but that might be illegal so dik if that is a good idea. Idk about you guys, but I have never ever stolen music ;)

Developing an app is something I would be very interested in and know I could learn, but something I also have no experience in. And Im sure this is not a simple app with all the bluetooth and multiple users.