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Bluetooth stereo headset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ku4ever2, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. ku4ever2

    ku4ever2 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Any recommendations for a good blue tooth stereo headset at a great price? Ideally it would fit comfortably in both ears with good music reception AND the ability to take calls.

  2. TrendyBull

    TrendyBull Newbie

    Ive had the plantronics voyager 855 for about a couple years now and it is nothing short of AMAZING. I was looking for something to use while working out at the gym. The noise cancelling buds work great and the quality of the sound i get with it is on par with wired ear buds. My vote hands down.
    I purchased mine off of amazon originally for <$40, it seems the only seller(s) on there now have it for around $80.
    The ones on ebay from the chinese stores look like definite knock-offs fyi.
    Good luck
  3. BigRon

    BigRon Lurker

    I bought a dirt cheap pair on EBay from a crew called "artyguru superstore", that cost me just
  4. ObiDon

    ObiDon Member


    I just picked up the Jabra Clipper from the Verizon store this weekend. I like the fact that I can use my own headphones. The quality appears to be adequate so far.

    Be warned though, while the DX has DSP settings for output to the the phones internal speaker and wired headsets, there is no processing of the signal going to a bluetooth device. Sadly, the wide surround and bass punch effects that I liked so much on the wired headset are not available when listening via the bluetooth headset. :(


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  5. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    Obidon- thanks for sharing. I have a question: if you can swap out the supplied ear buds do you know if its possible to connect the clipper to A 3.5mm cable and plug the other end into a stereo aux input? That would be really cool and would work like the blackberry stereo bluetooth gateway.
  6. photobuff42

    photobuff42 Newbie

    I have the plantronics as well and it has been good quality for years. I have a few regular bluetooth headsets and the plantronics is the best all around.
  7. ObiDon

    ObiDon Member

    That would totally work. The Clipper has a standard 3.5mm jack for its output. :)

  8. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    I'll have to pick one up and give it a try- that would be totally cool and would kill two birds with one stone.
  9. bobomatic

    bobomatic Android Enthusiast

    are you saying you could use this to give a shelf system the ability to receive BT?
  10. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    I picked up a clipper today and have been playing with it at the office. Way cool!
    I have not tried the aux in to my car stereo but will on the way home. Even if it can't do it its a keeper. It will be great for mountain biking and other activities where I want to hide the droid.
    used the 25% off coupon vz sent me with the droid care package so out the door price was $45.
  11. Der Juicen

    Der Juicen Well-Known Member

    in theory that should work just fine with the jabra clipper
  12. ObiDon

    ObiDon Member

    Yep...that's what I'm saying. :D

  13. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    Yup it works on any stereo with aux in and turns it into a bt receiver. Sweeeeeeeeet!
  14. bobomatic

    bobomatic Android Enthusiast

    have you used it for XM or internet radio? im wondering if have any control through the clipper..
  15. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    Ran the clipper streaming pandora on my way home...connected to the aux input of my factory head unit in my car.

    Connection was solid - no fading, no skips and no background hiss. You do have to put the volume up a bit louder on the radio.

    Now the bad news - the sound is on the flat side. I tried to adjust the settings on my radio but they are digital controls and it did not make much of a difference. Not much bass and not a lot of treble.

    The nice thing is I could stop and advance to the next song using the clipper which is much easier than trying to use the touch screen on the droid - you don't have to look at the clipper to do this.

    Got home and connected the clipper to my skull candy ear buds - sounded a lot better with good base and decent treble.

    Then connected to one of my stereo's using aux in and it sounded really good. Lots of bass and treble. It was nice to sit on the couch with pandora streaming to my stereo and I had my droid in my hand the entire time so I could check email and surf the web. Can't do that (easily) with docking station. And my stereo is 15' from my couch so it would be impossible with a docking station or 3.5mm cord.

    I did not try the clipper with my a/v home theater stereo....I hope I have more control over the sound - if so it would be a huge winner.

    So all in all I highly recommend the clipper if you want to use it as advertised. If you want to use it as a bluetooth stereo gateway (like the blackberry device which sells for $60) your mileage may vary. If you can control the bass and treble then I'd highly recommend it.

    I'm keeping it :) really cool product.
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  16. ObiDon

    ObiDon Member

    The controls only seem to work with the media player. I'm using cubed (3) and pressing the + or - will raise or lower the volume. A long press on the + or - is a skip forward or back. Pressing the center button is a pause.

    Trying to use the long presses when listening to Pandora only activated the media player. So, it would seem that the answer to your question is simply "No." :(

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  17. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    Hmmm...the controls work as advertised when I run pandora. I am able to control volume, pause, skip ahead and receive phone calls.
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  18. ObiDon

    ObiDon Member

    Cool for you man! What media player are you using? Just the native/stock app? I wonder if loading up Cubed is intercepting the controls?

  19. ObiDon

    ObiDon Member

    OK... I uninstalled Cubed and now the controls provided by the Jabra Clipper work as they should when listening to Pandora. I guess I need to find a new media player. :D

  20. deadinside

    deadinside Well-Known Member

  21. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    Don - stock media player here...
    Thanks again for bringing this to my attention. Real game changer for what i need it to do.
  22. bobomatic

    bobomatic Android Enthusiast

    i will be all over this tomorrow..
  23. bobomatic

    bobomatic Android Enthusiast

    oops. delete
  24. bobomatic

    bobomatic Android Enthusiast

    picked up the clipper, hooked it up to my sennheiser cxl 400's. with the lanyard clip it hangs nicely around my neck and down my shirt. as reported no EQ adjustments over blue tooth, hopefully an update will change this soon. but with my cxl's the sound was pretty good. connection and call quality were excellent. the feel of it is solid. I am very pleased with this.. and on the plus side. anything with a 3.5 AUX input can now receive BT.. :)


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  25. gotmydroidx

    gotmydroidx Member

    Bob-it has a built in mic too so your music set up can now make/receive calls

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