Dec 14, 2010
Hello, this is my first post here as I am a new android user, after being an iphone user since year 1 (I used iphone first gen, iphone 3g and 3gs) I finaly saw the light and after a long research period, trying to figure out what the best phone out there was, I realise the iphone 4 was just laging behind the two monsters, HTC EVO and Epic 4G. I eventualy went with the epic and here I am.

Anyway, I just had a question, I want to know if there's a way to transfer files to the phone via bluetooth. I don't mean one file at a time, I know how to do that, I mean if there's a way to open the folders inside the SD card, as if I was connected with the USB cable but actualy using bluetooth instead? Like a drag and drop interface.

I installed astro file manager and the bluetooth module but I don't think thats exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks! Glad to be here.
Glad to hear that you "Saw the Light", the Epic is one of the best phones out there. Luckily there are a few ways to get contacts onto an Epic.
A. Take it to a Sprint store and they can use the Cellebrite machine to copy contacts to the Epic
B. You can Bluetooth contacts to the Epic from Several phones (I am not sure how to do it from the Iphone) but it is just a matter of following the instructions below {This is how for a Blackberry, but it might work for you}
1. Make sure the Epic has a Memory card

2. Turn on the EPIC and make sure Bluetooth is on and discoverable.
3. On BB, turn on Bluetooth.
4. On BB, click on add device. Find EPIC and click on Pair request.
5. Once pairing is finished, Click on send contacts
6. Check for EPIC to confirm (Drag down and accept)
7. The BB creates a .VCF (VCard) file and sends it to the EPIC's Memory Card.
8. Once finished. Click on the VCF file on the EPIC and it will transfer contacts to phone from the memory card.
Thanks for your help but what I actualy needed is a way to drag and drop files in general to the phone, just like when I connect it with my USB cable but instead with bluetooth.

do you know how to do that?

Nevermind, I ended up going with FTP, I wanted to see if I could do it with bluetooth because I was curious about how fast it would be.

hey while we're on the topic. I'm having a similar problem. I had sprint send all my contacts to my new phone, but then I synced facebook and now all my contact numbers are gone. I tried bluetooth sync but it only sent 100 of my numbers. So, I tried sending them again and got an error message saying file already exists dummy-1.vcf. Also when I try to import more contacts from my sd card it says reading of vcard data has failed one or more files failed to be imported. If I could get help with this it would be great!!! Thanks.