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Bluetooth Wifi Interoperability

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cpetku, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. cpetku

    cpetku Newbie
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    Driving home on a BT HF call tonight I kept hearing distortion every minute or so thinking that I might have a cell tower issue. This continued for 8 miles and even when I stopped the car in my drive way. I noticed that the problem seemed to disappear after disabling WIFI. My assumption is that with WIFI enabled it scans for a network every so often and interferes with the Bluetooth connection (yes, I know they share bandwidth). I tend to leave the WIFI enabled so it will automatically connect to my home network when I arrive. Does anyone else see an interoperability issue which is driving them to turn off WIFI to avoid BT distortion?

  2. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Well bluetooth scans through all 14 channels of the 2.4Ghz band while wifi generally only uses one channel at a time so its pretty hard to avoid. I've had issues like this before I usually just leave wifi off.

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