Apr 14, 2023
Crazy story... Few days ago I was on a roller coaster. Noticed on way up to top that my phone was pinned between my leg and the padded safety restraint. After ride, I checked my phone and it was somehow in Odin/download mode. It remained locked up for a couple of hours, then it restarted and everything seemed fine. Phoned paired to my Ford Sync and the next call I received had an issue. I could hear the other person fine, but they could not hear me. Tried trouble shooting over the next few days. Unpaired and then re-paired, restarted phone, went through all settings on phone and vehicle, etc. My vehicle responds to voice commands and I am able to use talk to text. I tried my phone with another BT device and had the same issue, so I know the problem is with my phone and not my vehicle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Galaxy A51, Android 13, One UI 5.1
You've confirmed that the phone mic still works (without a Bluetooth connection)? And that the phone will transmit audio via BT (e.g. play music)? If both of those are a yes then that would make the problem one of not sending mic input via BT, which to me would sound like software.

(I know you say the vehicle responds to voice commands but as I don't know whether it has another mic I can't assume that this means that the phone can send voice over BT. If the phone is the only voice input to the vehicle that would be weirder, as it would imply that it was just voice calling it wasn't sending for).
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If the your Galaxy A51 was fully functional before that roller coaster ride and you only started to have this Bluetooth - voice problem afterwards, that might indicate there's a hardware damage problem. All the things you've tried are software-based solutions, which won't necessarily be able to fix a hardware problem.
But I hope I'm wrong on this. You might want to try going through the arduous process of a Factory Reset to see if that makes a difference. (Yeah, that's another software-based solution but well, just in case.....)
If you do opt to do a Factory Reset, be sure to backup your data first. Try Samsung's Smart Switch utility to do a backup and restore.
If you just want to send your phone to be looked at a trusted service center, be sure to enable Samsung's Maintenance Mode (if your A51 model supports it):
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