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Blurry Looking Contact/Phone Photos ??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BetterMost, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. BetterMost

    Thread Starter

    OK I set a couple photos up for different contacts of mine so a certain picture would come up when the phone rings instead of the Android Bot. I used perfectly in focus pictures and when I first set them they are clear as a bell. Then later I notice they are slightly out of focus when a call comes in. I tried re sizing leaving the pic alone and with no sizing and time after time the pic ends up out of focus whats the trick or is this still another Evo bug?

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  2. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Android Expert

    Nothing to do with the Evo and everything to do with how gmail syncs photos with the contacts. It's been discussed before with a not so quick work around, but it works.
  3. whtge8

    whtge8 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it can be fixed, but its a real pain in the ass to do it.
  4. scudder

    scudder Android Expert

    Aaaaaahhhh weeeee bit of a pain in the ass but NOT that bad!! You have to create a "People" contact along side your "Google" contact, associate the contact photo with the PEOPLE contact and then LINK to your Google contact.

    I did it...and MIGHT have to do it again because I had to hard-wipe my phone before I received it back after a repair. I said "MIGHT" have to do it because one of the first things that I tested when i got my phone back WAS the contact pictures and, to me, it SEEMED that the pictures were NOT BLURRY when associated with ONLY the Google contacts for picture IDs...am I wrong??

    Anyway, if you want THE FIX check the following link to a previous forum post. If you have multiple contacts like most people do (me included) MAKE SURE you scroll down in this link and follow the instructions to EXPORT contacts from Google as a V-card .vcf file and load that file from your computer to your SD card. Will save TONS OF TIME!!


    Good luck!!


    EDIT: I finally got a call and the pictures ARE blurry when associated with the "Google" contacts. If you want to fix the picture you MUST follow the link above and associate the pictures with a linked "People" contact.

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