Aug 12, 2012
Got my Galaxy Note 6wks ago and have absolutely loved it!
However, noticed over the past week, that the battery life has been depleting rapidly, going from overnight charge of 100% & needing recharged within 6hrs.
Today, I was out for a meal, and had GN in my handbag. Upon taking it out to make a call, I could barely touch it because of the heat from it - BOILING HOT!! Down to 15% battery after 4rhs and indicating re-charge. What's going on? Is there a major fault, or is it something I can fix myself?
As I'm relatively new to the world of technology, particularly the advance in mobile phones, would really appreciate some advice. Thanks :thinking:
Obviously something is bringing it down. Have you added "ANY" apps..if so which ones. Is your screen off?. What are you settings for retrieving emails. ( never/15min/30 min, etc)?..... GPS?/Bluetooth/WIFI on/off??... Auto sync on/off?. .....Live wallpaper?... Vibration?? .......Weather widget (continuous updates on/off). Was your handbag sitting in the sun?
Hi Simagic. I did originally add a few apps in the first few days, but all were uninstalled, with the exception of the official London 2012 Olympic app. Everything else is what was on the phone as received. Phone reacted in the same way yesterday in the house! I have been keeping WIFI on - is it best to turn off unless using it? Bluetooth & GPS are very seldom used. The weather is shown on home screen, but the screen is off within 2 mins if not using phone. Not sure how often emails are retrieved (where will I find that info or change settings?) Considering turning phone off, removing battery, insert again to recharge & seeing if this somehow will make a difference!
Turn off wifi unless you know you're going to use it. otherwise the phone will continue to search and search and search for wifi ( using battery) same with bluetooth. Gps is a bit diffent. It's only using battery when the GPS is actually being used. ( you'll see the GPS icon on the top of your phone where you see your signal strength. Click on your weather widget. It will go to a full screen. click on menu ( L/L corner) press settings/ see auto refresh/ press none. NOW, when you want to see the current weather in your home screen, just tap on the little circular arrows in the corner. the weather will then refresh. Why do you need it constantly refreshing (using battery), if you only look at it for 10 seconds every once in awhile......Emails...click on emails/email account of your choice/ press menu/press more/see acct settings/ see email frequency/ make your choice.....personally I keep it on "never" and then I manually check for them by just going to the account. If that doesn't work for you than choose a longer interval. if that doesn't help, remove the Olympic app....you can always re-install it
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I experienced the over-heating issue a few times too. I don't know what caused it but I think it was because I was charging it thru USB and my PC and then unplugged it. About an hour later, I had 15% battery left and the back was very hot. I did a hard reboot holding the power key and home button for 15 seconds. It got hot a few times after but has been okay in the last few weeks.
was your note the white version..funny enough i ordered the blue and then the white one..i ended sending back the white as it was extremly hot whnever charged or on a phone call...