Android Expert
May 9, 2017
I don't know why I bought this thing. I should know better: "easy assembly no tools required". Maybe it was because it's all I can barely afford (about $20). It's made out of some cheap crap, particleboard, probably. Th
e big trick is getting the round plastic things magically through the round holes at the corners. Then stick the plastic poles into them, make sure they're tight, and build it up to 4 layers. If it ever did get put together, it could barely hold over 30 pounds. Is there some way to get this done or should I just return it? I sure wish I could afford the good stuff.


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Return it. If you are planning on putting anything on it heavier that what's pictured (a few photo frames and most likely empty boxes on the second shelf, and conveniently the heavy books on the bottom shelf) I suspect it will collapse. And that's just based on your photos of the material (woodpecker oatmeal I call it) and the method of assembly. Go buy a few wooden crates and stack them up to create the same storage / shelf effect. Plus, you can add to it as your budget affords.
I agree with @Unforgiven, just return it. A piece of crap like that isn't going to be useful--assuming you get it assembled.

Have you thought about shopping garage sales, estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores, etc.? Those can be good sources of nice things at ridiculously low prices. I'd also suggest eBay and even CraigsList, but you really need to use caution with the latter.

Also, are you on NextDoor? If not, you might want to sign up, then spend some time browsing your immediate area's items for sale--or free. Every time I log in there are tons of really nice things being given away.