Help Bookmarks on home screens, why no icons?


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Why do bookmarks sent to the home screens just have a generic bookmark icon with a tiny favicon (not always even that)?

Even sites that show an app style icon in Chrome bookmarks page still change to the generic icon once sent to home page.

I noticed while playing with the missus' Galaxy S3 that bookmarks sent to home screen from the android browser show full-on app style icons but the ones sent from Chrome don't.
Presumably this is a limitation of Chrome then?

It is especially annoying when I want to make a home-made app from a site that doesn't have a real app.

I have installed the stock jelly bean browser from XDA forums and like on the S3, bookmarks sent to home page from the browser do show full icons.


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You could also install, as I did, Nova Launcher Prime. Next, install a few Go Launcher or ADW Themes and edit icons to your hearts content. You will be able to use images from your Gallery app or images obtained from Google Images as app icons and web page shortcut icons. Additionally, you'll be able to edit app and shortcut titles. It's easy and looks good. Nova Prime has NUMEROUS features that allow you to uniquely customize the Nexus 7. To me, it is a MUST BUY.

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Paying for a launcher I don't really have any need for, then installing themes from another launcher just to get decent bookmark icons seems a bit OTT.

The icons are showing nicely when added from the stock jelly bean browser anyway so I just use that for any "home made" apps I want to add.