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Bookmarks synching?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pkoutoul, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member
    Thread Starter

    One thing I have yet to figure out is how to get my bookmarks syncing between Chrome on my desktop and the stock Android browser. I found a link that purports to be a workaround using Google docs, but it doesn't work for me -- I don't see anything my "My Folders" even though I am synching my bookmarks in Chrome between three different workstations.

    Has anyone gotten this -- or any other method to work? You would think it would be easy and automatic, given that this is all Google.

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  2. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member
    Thread Starter

    Update: I did get the workaround solution to work. I was using a different Google account to sync my bookmarks. At least that is working now, but it would be a lot more convenient to get the bookmarks in the browser itself rather than having to go to Google docs.
  3. RachelHK

    RachelHK Lurker

    I did this by downloading free app chromemarks lite bookmarks and downloading the htc synch software on to my PC. However one folder containing about 100 bookmarks never downloads onto my desire. So, I paid for Chrome marks application thinking this would have more capacity and solve the problem but it never did. Anybody any suggestions ?

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