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BoomBoxoid + ID3Fixer solved my WMA media player needs.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RazzMaTazz, May 14, 2011.

  1. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
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    I'm posting this in case it helps others who want to play their WMA music collections on Android.

    I've tried many different media player apps (see below), but I've only found two apps that can play all of my (DRM-free) WMA files; PowerAmp & BoomBoxoid. Of the media player apps, PowerAmp was the only media player app that could also display the "artist" from the ID3 tag on all of my WMA files. Unfortunately PowerAmp is $5.18 (which I could reluctantly accept) but the output volume is very low (which I can't accept). All of my attempts to increase the master volume controls in the PowerAmp app caused unacceptable distortion. So I've been using BoomBoxoid, even though it didn't display the "artist" for all of my WMA files.

    I recently found an app called ID3Fixer (by Jones Chi) that automatically "fixed" the ID3 tag database on my Android phone so that BoomBoxoid now displays the "artist" for all of my WMA files, so now I'm pretty happy. I selected "ASCII (English)" as my character set in ID3Fixer, ran it on my music database, and about a minute later the artist information became readable by BoomBoxoid and other media player apps. Note that ID3Fixer doesn't change the ID3 tags of WMA files themselves. ID3Fixer just changes your Android phone's database of the ID3 information (which because of an Android bug, doesn't correctly reflect the "artist" in the ID3 tag.)

    BoomBoxoid doesn't have nearly as nice of an interface as PowerAmp, but it's good enough. Like PowerAmp, BoomBoxoid also has a graphic equalizer.

    If anybody knows of another media player app that can play all (DRM-free) WMA files and can display all "artist" tags on WMA files, please let me know. I've tried the following player apps but they couldn't play all WMA files.

    Meridian Player
    Double Twist
    Seaman Player

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  2. Missing_Link

    Missing_Link Member

    Hi Razz,

    Thanks to a user "woodwind" on the Google Android Projects, I also found and tried ID3Fixer. I can confirm it fixed all my wma files issues in a snap!. I had over 1,000 files and it did them en-batch, convering to US-ASCII. I am soooo relieved to get a fix for this really annoying bug!. At last my phone is back to being a worthy audio media player :-D

    Just posting in case anyone else wanted to know about it. I was going to post a thread but found yours :-D

    I use the paid-for Meridian player.

    Hope this also helps someone...

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