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[Boost Mobile] 4.3 is here

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rally 517, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert

    Ok, thanks. I kinda had my heart set on one of the custom roms like the collective or dirty unicorns. Do you know if its possible to incorporate the update into a custom rom or would a developer need to to start over on building a rom that has this update?? This is what I'm a little confused about. Right now, I'm unable to use any 4.3 roms I've tried because I'm having the same data issues with when turning wifi off, it somehow messes with my data. I have tried 4 different 4.3 custom roms with the same issues which leaves me to believe it is something in the 4.3 update??

    I just want to point out that when I flash back to a backup of a 4.1 rom, I have no data issues whatsoever.

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  2. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    I would stay away from the Collective right now. I along with sevral others have tried it and it's buggie. I recommend Dirty Unicorns or Vanilla Root Box.

    As for 4.3, someone else is gonna have to help you with it. I haven't messed with it and won't until the ROMs I run have been updated. :D:D Newer isn't always better. ;)
  3. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    I've been running Carbon since I bought my phone in September with zero problems, I pretty much stay away from builds that aren't the latest in terms of Android build numbers (I.e. preferring 4.3 over 4.1.2), nothing wrong with lower numbered builds just personal preference. I wonder if trying a different modem might help, you should be able to flash any Sprint or VM modem, I have tried several with no problems (MG2, MK5, MK3, etc.). I have no skills on the development side but would assume any build based on stock 4.1.2 TW should be able to be upgraded to a 4.3 version by incorporating the update; I don't think it is a matter of starting from scratch but that's just a guess. Have you tried changing your APN's out of curiosity? Could be part of the problem.
  4. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert

    Yes, I changed my APN to a boost one (wetbiker helped me with that) and then flashed to the 4.3 collective rom the data still didn't work after turning wifi off but when I flashed back to my backup of a 4.1 rom, I had no data their either and I have never had any data issues on this 4.1 rom. I then flashed back to the orignal APN (good thing I saved it), and I still didn't have data on this 4.1 rom. I had to call boost and they did a network reset and then updated prl and profile and I finally got it back working on the 4.1 rom. I then flashed back to the 4.3 rom to see if that might have fixed the issue and it didn't. I am a little weary about changing APNs again with all the trouble I had. As far as the modems go, I kinda thought that maybe that might fix my issue but as of now, I haven't changed my modem (still the same one) and its weird that I have no data on the 4.3 roms Ive tried, tried 4 different roms, (only after I turn wifi off) but when I flash back to 4.1, I have no data issues.
  5. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    I've been able to get data working on all the AOSP based ROMs in my thread by adding the Boost xml in my tutorials. The only ROM I've had any serious issues with is The Collective. That's why I keep telling people to stay away from it. Heck, even Sprint users are having trouble with it. lol :D
  6. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    Hey my new friends...here's my Intro so that you all know a little about me. Please don't think I'm being vain or gloating. That is not the case, just think it's important that people know who they've put their trust in when flashing their ROMs, taking their advice, etc. I hope to contribute to this forum like I try to do over at XDA, and please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM if there's anything I can do to help. Cheers.

    Hello fellow Phandroids
  7. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Member

    Um im kinda lost which one should i get the odexed or deodexed? I'm not familiar with those terms
  8. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

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  9. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Member

    alright so i now have 4.3 and kies 3 works! :) thank you
  10. daveams

    daveams Newbie

    Is there a process or app or something that I can freeze to stop the notifications? I don't have time to upgrade right now and the 15 or more prompts a day are driving me nuts. I'm happy with stock rooted 4.13 right now anyway

    *EDIT: never mind, the prompts got the best of me and I upgraded. Lost wifi tether, but even still 4.3 is kinda cool so far. And I can still pdanet+bluetooth...
  11. Mcboots

    Mcboots Member


    I haven't checked the forums in awhile and Ive been busy most of the time. When I do check it, its to see if anyone else got an update.

    Now my phone got the update but never had a chance to root. I guess I'll have to wait until I can root without ******* up the warranty thing

    Here's hoping someone figures that out!
  12. jkluczyk

    jkluczyk Newbie

    Ota update didn't work for me. It went halfway then cwm popped up asking me to reboot saying install failed. Its stock rooted with titanium backup.
  13. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    Lucky you then. Unless you wanted OTA update :). OTA updates will only install if you have stock recovery. So if you want the OTA update, you'll have to flash back to stock, unrooted, with a stock recovery using PC Odin. If you want 4.3 without the Knox and that you can flash through your cwm, go here:
  14. jkluczyk

    jkluczyk Newbie

    Thanks, that's what I wanted to know! I was indifferent since I don't really use root features anymore. But I will keep it rooted then.
  15. jkluczyk

    jkluczyk Newbie

    Whoops, i have a sprint phone, I don't know how i posted here.
  16. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

  17. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I just seen that the international s3 is getting a new update. With gear support and other features. I wonder if the US will soon too.
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  18. DjiET

    DjiET Lurker

    this says its for the sprint gs3.. is there adjustments that i will need to make?
  19. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    I heard the Google gear is overrated anyway :)
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  20. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

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  21. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert

    I certainly hope that the likes of MOAR and such decide to update their releases to provide updated ROMs based on 4.3, if not 4.4... admittedly when I did briefly run jdsingle's 4.3 release, I did find a lot to like about it visually. However, it didn't have the functionality I needed, and the whole reason I even decided to run a custom rom in the first place. :(
  22. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    The MOAR and Wicked Sensations teams are both working on updating. From what I've read, this update is gonna be a booger to get the ROMs updated to and functioning like they're supposed to.

    I'm still running Wicked 4.1.2 and it's running flawlessly. I'm like a lot of the guys in here and want to run 4.3 but I'm just gonna have to be patient if I want to stick to ROM I'm running.

    I just got a heads up from Capn069 on the newest Slim Bean. He speaks highly of it and I'm either gonna give it a try tonight or tomorrow. After the great information he's shared with me in the past, if he says it's a good one you can best believe I trust his advice. ;)
  23. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    It's ugly as all get out, costs as much as the new Nexus 5, and has a return rate of about 30%, as in one third of the people who bought one regretted it and returned the stupid thing! Once something comes out at a reasonable price that will replicate the original Star Trek experience (laugh my @$$ off every time I see Star Trek IV and Scotty speaks to the computer mouse!!) then I might consider jumping on it.
  24. Capn069

    Capn069 Well-Known Member

    The newest Slimbean is the closest thing to fully functional I've found in an AOSP/CM Rom. I haven't found anything that doesn't work. The only problem I've found is when you take a picture for some reason it gets flipped upside down when you send as an MMS. Can anyone confirm that this happens to them or am I the only one?
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  25. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Didn't have that problem with mine bro. Then again, I chose pics that had already been taken. Pics sent and received came in correctly. I'll have to try sending from the actual camera. Will advise...

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