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[Boost Mobile] Cm 10.1 install tutorial

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HiiiPowers, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Read vm thread and thanks to the wonderful development over there especially evanrobinson85 he's awesome he helped me step by step http://androidforums.com/showthread.php?t=736505

    Yes we have the sprint version of the s3 yes it should be able to run sprint roms without a problem does it no the problem is we have the same phone different software while our software is called md7 I believe same as virgins sprints is md4 and both virgin and our gs3 are on the ics bootloader which makes cm unable to install because it wasn't built for the ics bootloader only jb bootloader and that's why we need to flash sprint's firmware to get the jb bootloader then flash cm 10.1 and it's going to be a time consuming process but if your ready

    You'll need this http://db.tt/PJKerheQ it's our modem bin
    The rest is pretty much self explanatory you download the sprint md4 firmware then delete the non-hlos.bin and replace it with the one above then download cm 10.1 put on your sdcard along with the sprint md4 firmware then

    Flash the firmware let it boot connect to the boost mobile network you'll know if it's working by going under settings and about phone and status you'll see under network boost mobile and mobile network state should be connected if you have mobile data turned on (3g/4g) then go back to your recovery and flash cm 10.1 and you should be good now.

    For the 4g I believe you need the apn and need to change it to boost Apn so here's the apn http://db.tt/jCXZ1hGX you download the app apn backup and restore it's the first app if you just type apn in the play store and use the app to restore the apn read the description of the app please it'll tell you you need to make it a system app using titanium backup and as far as restoring the apn to get 4g once you download it the apn will be in the downloads folder you need to use your file browser and copy and paste the apn you download to the location of apps folder I think the folder is called apnbackup or something like that if not back up your current apn then go find the folder and paste it there and restore and you'll have 4g hopefully I haven't had time to test the 4g so Idk if it's going to work but it works for a guy on virgin so we should be good

    Don't blame me if you brick your phone I'm sorry I can't control that but be warned on twrp I'm having issues with this for example once I flash cm 10.1 and tried to go back to stock via a backup it wouldn't let me then I tried a factory reset it failed because I believe my permission got changed somehow moving from stock ics bootloader to the jb bootloader, I tried to fix permission and it failed also saying I had to let the rom boot then fix permissions... It's aso the long story just know once your on cm 10.1 getting back to stock is a pain, it may just be me but I'll let you know if I can fix find a fix or way around it .... And um just beware you might mess up your phone if you do I'll try my best to help but I can only do so much thanks and any brave soul can give it a shot let me know what happened

    Alright on twrp there's an issue with installing cm 10.1 and going back to stock and reflashing so you have to do an extra step to get it to boot or it won't after you flash the md4 firmware you have to hit reboot recovery and I'll freeze so just pull the battery and power it back on and I'll boot

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  2. The informant

    The informant Well-Known Member

    I'll do this once I know if 4G does indeed work. I had already flashed the MD4 firmware, but the only problem I'm having is the 4G on other ROMs that aren't touchwiz.
  3. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm having the same issue and so is vm gs3 we'll figure it out eventually but I understand I'm going to flash cm 10.1 again because now I'm back in stock for the 4g and I'll see if I can get 4g working
  4. The informant

    The informant Well-Known Member

    Alright, keep us updated if you get 4g to work :)
  5. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Still no luck at 4g I believe we need the apn connection option and it's only in the stock rom and I don't know how to get it i restored my apns and the 4g still wouldn't connect honestly I don't believe we even use the same 4gLTE tower I think sprint uses the Lte 13 while we use lte 14 which is why it can't connect

    This is from my we need a dev thread

    Edit your right the 4g is locked
    We need this on that rom and it's only on stock
  6. The informant

    The informant Well-Known Member

    I guess we'll have to wait!
  7. warbie19

    warbie19 Lurker

    Have you tried doing CyanogenMod CyanogenMod Downloads sprint version and changing the first couple lines to allow it to complete installation. I followed this tid and the sprint roms and everything seems good I just need to get a better handle of the right towers because mobile data works periodically so drivers don't seem to be the problem. Here is the tid on what to change:

    Im assuming we are all working on the SPH-L710. If you wanna post your xml from backing up your APN before you do it i would appreciate it. I haven't tested 4G but everything seems so close. The 3G seems to come and go but when it works it works correctly. I appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Thanks.
  8. warbie19

    warbie19 Lurker

    I feel like im just missing the appropriate APNs...
  9. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That and we need a new build with them the sprint one doesn't even include our 4g apn so I believe it's only sprints so....
    on cm 10.2 one guy on boostmobile said he got the 4g to work so I'm just waiting this one out because a developer from vm is helping us and I believe once he gets cm 10.2 fully working he'll build and version for our phone and a version of cm10.1 with the 4g
  10. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I haven't tried it in a while so Idk but maybe it's a Little different now but I believe something more is needed than just the apns on vm forms a guy has working 4g but a developer built a new one for us its not just the basic sprint one so
  11. warbie19

    warbie19 Lurker

    Dang that stinks to hear. So there are people actively working roms? I was blown away that there weren't alot of ones out of the gate. I see you have the shabbypenguin guy interested which is great. I guess its back to Dandroid I was at least able to 4g and everything else working right.
  12. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah it does but
    I hear m.o.r.a is also working minus MMS so
  13. brainjtag

    brainjtag Lurker

    Can someone clarify if this thread is for the Boost Mobile branded phone, or the Sprint phone flashed to Boost?

    Also, if this is for the Boost Mobile branded phone, does this work properly (4G and all?).

    Finally, I'm wondering why Cyanogenmod seem to be available on the S3 for every carrier except boost.

    I have Clockwork Mod installed, and my phone rooted, but would love to use Cyanogenmod. I apologize if these are pretty basic questions, I'm just getting confused by posts all over that seem to be directed at people who have flashed their Sprint phone to boost.

  14. Capn069

    Capn069 Well-Known Member

    For any of you on Touchwiz roms that have the hidden menu, this worked for me to get MMS working. It's for the S2 but it works here as well. As far as 4G on touchwiz I just updated my profile and 4G works fine.
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  15. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    I sure hope it's the one for the store bought Boost phones because if it's not, I'm in the wrong place. Lol :D

    Also, from what I've been reading, the Boost phones have a way to get CM10. That's awesome news IMO because it's one of my favorites. Sure would be nice to see some AOKP too. :thumbup:

    On a side note, I just upgraded from the HTC One SV and I'm glad I did. This phone is sweet! I've only had a few hours to play with it so far but I'm loving it for sure. Feels good to have another Samsung device in my hands. I sure have missed Odin too. :thumbup:
  16. Capn069

    Capn069 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to see you made the jump bro. I got the S2 instead of the htc because lte didn't matter because it wasn't available here until now. Now that it's here I got the s3. I just flashed the MOAR rom and it's pretty sweet. I'll probably go to AOSP when I get time to play with all the settings.
  17. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    No LTE where I'm at but the S3 gets a better signal. That's the main reason I switched over. I haven't even had the phone 24 hrs yet and I can already tell that it has a stronger receiver than the SV. I have actually seen my signal jump and stay at 4 bars for long periods. As a matter of fact, I just checked and I'm sitting on 4 bars right now! PRICELESS bro.... absolutely flippin PRICELESS!!!! :D

    Don't get me wrong though....... that SV is a darn nice phone. Even the rooted stock ROM runs great. IMO, that in itself says a lot about a phone.

    I just have to have a phone that has a stronger radio/antenna where I live. Thankfully the S3 has that. ;)

    I just got through getting all the goodies needed to unlock this beast. Man oh man.... I can't tell you how nice it is to have Odin again. I'm one happy fella right now.

    Ok bro, time to get busy with it. Have a good one!! :D
  18. brainjtag

    brainjtag Lurker


    So, I was able to flash cm-10.1.3-d2spr after following the directions here, but am unable to get 3G or 4G data. I am, however, able to make phone calls.

    *edit* I was able to get 3G working by going to Menu->Settings->Mobile Network Settings->Network Mode to "CDMA/EvDo auto" Before changing this, I had no data. Is there a way to get 4G to work for this ROM?

    I backed up my APN settings before doing all this, and while I was unable to get the restore to work (even after making 'APN Backup & Restore' a system application). So, I put the old backup file in place by hand into /etc/system/apns-conf.xml using total commander.

    This did not seem to resolve my problems.

    Help! I desperately want to be done with the stock rom.

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