Dec 23, 2013
Why is this ROM not out for this phone? This phone deserves this rom. Someone should email cyanogenMod To support this rom :thinking::mad:
We do have Cyanogenmod... its CyanogenMod 10 as a matter of fact. Not fully working, but its getting there slowly but surely.
I feel that this phone should get CM7 At least instead of a jump to CM10. Sure this phone has good specs for 4.0+ but i believe we can start from the bottom (CM7) then make our way up.
Well, if you think the phone deserves cm7 then you should try building it and getting it to work on our device. Its not easy work but it is do-able... CM10 is of more preference though because its Jelly Bean based and that's what's ruling android right now as the most dominant version. Its better to start off high where we can get an updated OS in most Warp users opinions.