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[Boost Mobile] Google Play Services crashing CONSTANTLY

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by codezer0, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    As the title says,

    Even from startup, my S3 is just crashing with this particular process constantly. Oftentimes it will crash even as I'm pulling up to send the system report.

    Only thing that I've been able to notice is that it seems to crash much more frequently when using anything that involves location, such as Maps for navigation or even the various coverage map stuff like RootMetrics' Coverage Map app or Sensorly.

    Uninstalling the services to have it re-install has not made any difference, so far. Trying to clear cache and Dalvik now to see if that fixes anything, but I'm not confident. Any suggestions in the meantime?

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  2. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    I first try it in this order I suggest trying to obtain the latest legit copy of google play from the play store and uninstall just the one that is in your phone and then clear system cache and then wipe dalvik cache the put the newest ver on sd card and install it from there. it should fix it from there good luck let me know how it goes
  3. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The problem is google makes it inordinately difficult to actually download google play services at all. Even directly searching for it via the phone or at home on my pc is a freaking nightmare, and just floods me with a bunch of unrelated results like it's 1990s era internet all over again.

    So even if I do somehow manage to get it to download (I've yet to find a way to put its APK somewhere else), how do I save it so that I can reinstall that way?
  4. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Correction over the post
  5. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    What? These instructions make no *expletive* sense.:thinking:
  6. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    He edited his post to clarify:) He's trying;)
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  7. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Tried all that. and as soon as it forces me to update to the new version it is crashing again.
  8. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    Perhaps make a nandroid backup, flash a rooted, stock rom (or a different rom) and see if the same issue occurs?
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  9. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    That is indeed very tempting. At the same time though, I am at a bit of a crossroads...

    Pretty much mentally done with Boost Mobile, and that they have the nerve to tell me that it'll be six months AFTER a better business bureau complaint before they'll upgrade the tower serving my house to even HAVE a 4G signal, let alone the tower(s) that are serving me at work. And even when I was in the middle of downtown Phoenix where I was seeing speeds worth the monicker of "4G LTE", still not even being able to pull up a video off YouTube or netflix to save my life.

    At the moment I have a replacement plan for the phone with Best Buy; in its current state, I could now just as easily demonstrate the crashing fits and potentially get them to let me switch to a phone for another provider, or maybe an unlocked phone so I don't end up having to wait because of the phone itself.

    Worst case scenario, I'd still have to save up for an unlocked phone altogether. Or even put it toward a T-Mobile phone. If the NANDroid backup can demonstrate the crashing as consistently as it is now, I know that won't be a problem to at least get what I paid on this S3. I only haven't yet because I still have some big bills to address first.
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  10. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    So I can have a better and clear understanding over your problems with google services

    Only thing specified was "crashing, and things you tried"
    are you able or know how to take a screenshot of the error your getting?
    Would you be willing to upload that screenshot up here for review so we us can have a better understanding over the errors that are being associated with google and maybe we all can direct you to a proper repair. <---- I admit I'am at fault as for I should have had this to be the first question to ask in your situation.... Which I now learned could have caused a better out come over your post... I'am sorry that I did not ask you this em on hopes to regain track over your situation :)
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  11. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Shooo wow and all along I thought I was the only one with boost issues lmao
    I'am so glad that we as a team was able to convert back to better terms over this matter as for I would like to try to at least enlighten the burden as for yourself and I to as well.

    I encourage you to visit my other post lmao.. http://androidforums.com/boost-mobile/821778-dwelling-days-boostmobile-over-meee.html and I'am sure you would be in liking to know the fact's that your not the only one in hard times over that topic sometimes it helps to know that not being alone in bind helps.

    My personal feelings over T-mobile have been by far worst case though other may beg to differ lmao I actually went back to boost..... WoW rite?
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  12. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Very simply, as soon as the phone starts up, I keep getting the "Google Play Services has stopped" error... and never just the one time. It is always a minimum of twice in a row. The longest streak was six consecutive times... even crashing while I was in the middle of submitting the crash report for the first time.

    It is especially onerous when it comes to anything requiring location services. As soon as I toggle it on or off (doesn't matter), it crashes immediately. I use the maps app daily, practically. So that is frustrating and tiresome alone, let alone the signal problems.

    T-Mobile is looking like my next likely choice in large part because fellow workers at the yard that have T-Mobile seem to be able to do anything and everything they could want with their phones. But after this experience the last five months with Boost Mobile (and Sprint by association), I don't feel ready to trust another provider so openly. The thought of an unlocked phone being able to freely switch if need be is especially attractive in this kind of situation.

    I'm especially PO'd because it was by their insistence I was made to get a replacement phone. and after it proved that nothing was wrong with the phone itself they still were obstinate. and even with the federal unlock law, they still refuse to cooperate or simplyd o the right thing and unlock this S3 so I could use it elsewhere.
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  13. cwhatever

    cwhatever Life Goes On

    A logcat would be better to see what the problem or cause might be. We all know what the crash saying is.
    Another thing you can try is, if everything is backed up in TB, is delete all apps, then restore 5 at a time and wait a few hours and if no problem restore 5 more. When the problem happens delete the last 5 and do 1 at a time till problem and thats it. It is 2 things conflicting each other.
    Make a backup first, when you find the problem, restore the backup and fix the one app that is causing it. It's time consuming, but has worked in the past for me.
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  14. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Strong compliments to you Good Sir.
    On your site on everythings is always welcomed
    such as everyone else I agree.

    cwhatever <---has been pointed out in many of posts and possess's strong knowledge over allot though there are plenty that possesses the same level of expertise I recommend his comments to the topic I'am sure he will also be willing to share further information with you on how to go about this as for I don't know much about how to logcat situations but have seen in other threads to be very successful.

    Please rest assure that you are now be in good hands with this gentleman.
    minus the green horn's as for I'am still fresh on some things but are willing to learn more as time progress :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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  15. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    What's a cat made out of wood going to do regarding the error messages on an Android phone? :D
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  16. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Thank you "all mod's that have participated from within this post you have been of great assistance "Mod Mikestony" always a great pleasure working with you guy's :)
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  17. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    its a program that sides with your phone from what I gather and it gives you more of the behind the scenes look at what your phone is doing that lead up to a system crash and or systematic issues... and shows you a data log

    Log- cat im guessing means
    log for data logging issues
    and cat for cataloging the issues to report back to the user for helping resolve issues.
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  18. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :D :D :D
    You sir, owe me a new keyboard :)

    Now THAT made my day! (I needed that laugh)

    Edit: by the way, THIS is the one I use;)

    Are you familiar with using a logcat?
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  19. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    thank you good sir it turned my frown:( upside down... :D

    I promise I tell santa give you a new keyboard :pcguru: for christmas if you do lmao...
  20. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    can't say I am. Not to mention it won't really help with the startup crashes. :hmmmm2:
  21. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Good sir I'am very pleased that we both were able to overcome our differences from the past and that you are trying to bring light to the subject.

    ? Is this the errors that your refering to as "Crashes"
    com.google.process.gapps has stopped
    Or anything close to this and when you try to go to google play from your phone does it just sit there and say time out error????
    or when you click google play from your phone does it start to open and then goes back to the home screen and followed by "com.google.process.gapps has stopped"

    I felt that it was appropriate for me to try to help further over to what I feel may help you understand of what they are suggesting here when using logcat..

    More info of logcat!

    The Android logging system provides a mechanism for collecting and viewing system debug output. Logs from various applications and portions of the system are collected in a series of circular buffers, which then can be viewed and filtered by the logcat command. You can use logcat from an ADB shell to view the log messages.

    For complete information about logcat options and filtering specifications, see Reading and Writing Logs.

    examples: is if were there with the device we could actually see in hand what the device is doing and able to read the errors thats being displayed on screen
    and over all at which point the errors are being triggered when and what app is the actual cause of the problem...

    I strongly choose this route as for this will be faster and they are both strong in knowledge and very trusting!!!!!!
    so what I feel is, that by you using that program Logcat.apk
    through further directions from them Mod Mikestony & Guide Cwhatever they could review the datalog of the system errors that logcat.apk makes for them they then can both see the program or system files that are triggering the errors that you are experiencing with your device it helps the both of them!
    get you a near and more direct approach and repair, this burden that this phone has caused you as for we all only would like for you and everyone to be not only happy with your device but also feeling appreciated over the facts are very hard at work at providing accurate repairs in return to find you happy again that we had helped you recover..

    If I was to place that logcat.apk in a category rating I would say the amount of success rate over the repairs this program is able to provide to the most knowledge members here. I would say near 100% success rate

    Another way of looking at this would be like your putting their eye's into your system to pull out the bug and rid it of the problems that it is causing you in return your happy again!!!!!!! and thats all we would ever like to see here...

    I strongly agree to this method of repairs

    However it is your choice to beg differ that is never a problem!
    There are options that others don't feel comfortable with doing being that it is their system it is never a problem to admit this point!
    :)We all understand...

    If you choose and would like to seek other alternatives for another way which :)I feel could be the long way again we understand your point, <--- Point well taken and respected over your preferences.
    is which the way I prefer as for it helps me learn the hard way and nothing wrong with that either because it helps me remember for the next person that comes along in your situation recover faster but not never faster than Logcat ...

    With that said :D Good Sir I would like to offer assistance if you choose to try
    I will be here as much as I can begining to end to help you further..
    If you choose to do so I will need you to try to hardest to provide me the best screenshots of your phone as possible as for I'am only interested in seeing the errors that your phone is showing more less action shots.
    and please specify in more details of meaning the word "crashing" everyone's interpretation of the word could be placed differently. I want to be on the same page as you are. As for I too as well don't have the device in my hand to see.
    I'am sure you can see that I have been doing my homework over your situation and have been working very hard over your situation.
    Thank you Good Sir,
    I will be on stand by for your approval
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  22. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    NEVER MIND THESE INSTRUCTIONS AS FOR TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES HAS FAILED MY POST PLEASE IGNORE THESE INSTRUCTIONS LMAOOO :bike::bike::bike::bike::ahhhhh::dont know::shot::hmmmm::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::eek:fl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


    IF THIS IS WHAT YOUR SEEING-->com.google.process.gapps has stopped


    com.google.process.gapps has stopped



    What happened here lmao..... Technical Department LMAO>>> Ultimate failure lmao.. meltdown.
    Is all good mine as well rite! is all good looks funny anyways :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  23. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    ... what the hell is gapps?

    What I am getting is that google play services has crashed. and it crashes like 60 times a day.
  24. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Gapps is Google Apps
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  25. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    I think the simplest thing to do is nandroid backup, flash either the same rom, or a different rom to see if the issue persists.

    If it does, then we'll punt from there.;)

    If it doesn't, I would try cwhatevers' suggestion in his post here. (TB backup etc, etc, then we can guide you on the logcat thing)
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