Root [Boost Mobile] Issues - Please Help


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Hello, I have a boost mobile s3 that I'm having a few issues with. First, my previous phone before this was a s2. I like to watch alot of you tube videos and hated all the ads. Someone in the forums suggested I download a apk of adblock plus. I downloaded it on my s2 and had no problems whatsoever, even with my antivirus (webroot). My s3 is rooted and installed the same apk and it worked fine for about a week. Now my phone is doing some funny things like rebooting, opening a app or window automactically and sometimes it will freeze up. I never noticed these things without adbloack plus installed, although I installed this apk shortly after I got this phone. I have webroot setup to do a weekly scan. On its last scan, it picked up 2 threats, the adblock apk and the app itself. It said that webroot determined that these were possibly trojans. Why would the same antivirus on my s2 fail to pick these threats up and on my s2, it worked flawlessly??

I have swiftkey installed as my keyboard and in settings, I have checkmarked never turn screen off while charging. Everytime I reboot my phone, the keyboard goes to the samsung keyboard and for the screen never turning off when charged, the box is not check marked. Why does it change these settings everytime I reboot?? This has happened since the very first time I ever rebooted this phone and has been happening before I installed any apps so I know that is not the issues.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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As far as the swift key I have the same thing I used it on my s2 with no problems but the s3 it is a known issue it has something to do with the way the s3 is partitioned read about it on SwiftKey page hope this helps they said Samsung 4.2 is supposed to fix this issue