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[Boost Mobile] Not sure what Samsung did to this newer s3 phone but wow

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alpha2k, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. alpha2k

    alpha2k Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    When I install a rom via philz, cwm touch, or cwm normal, after install and reboot I get to the samsung logo, and then it goes to a blank screen. I have let it sit to upwards of a 1/2 hour and nothing happens. Battery does not get hot, just nothing happens.

    Steps I take on install/wipe are as follows:

    -Boot into recovery

    -Data/Factory reset

    -Clear cache partition

    -clear Dalvik cache (under advanced)

    -Flash Rom of choice

    -Flash Gapps if it apply's (with touchwiz it does not apply)

    -reboot to system

    All that being said.......I just bought this phone at best buy 3 days ago.
    While the phone works really well, samsung has done somthing to the os/phone that makes it harder to root or use roms.

    I have tried numerous roms, and having no luck whatsoever installing them.

    I have been compiling a list of roms and such and here is what I have so far:

    Roms with a black screen after samsung logo:

    -CM11 nightly latest build - blank screen after samsung logo

    -Beanstalk 4.4 nightly build - black screen after samsung logo

    -Cm10.2.0 - bails out on install

    -CM10.1 - bails out on install

    -Carbon Rom 4.4.2 - black screen after samsung logo

    -Slimbean 4.3 - black screen after samsung logo

    -Slimbean 4.4 - black screen after samsung logo

    Roms that have worked fine:

    -jdsingle MK5 Tw rom

    -ODIN Backup for --> BOOST MOBILE SPH-L710_MG2 (tw) - no isues at all

    -stock rooted MD7 rom (tw) - no issues at all

    -stock rooted MG2 rom (tw) - no issues at all

    -VanirAOSP nightly - installed with a modified cwm recovery, philz/cwm normal/cwm touch I got a black

    screen after samsung logo - had a few glitches

    -Fox - installed with a modified cwm recovery, philz/cwm normal/cwm touch I got a black screen after

    samsung logo - no wifi or 3g/data

    -Bam Android - installed with a modified cwm recovery, philz/cwm normal/cwm touch I got a black

    screen after samsung logo - no data/3g

    -Carbon rom 4.3.1 installed with a modified cwm recovery, philz/cwm normal/cwm touch I got a black

    screen after samsung logo - had a few glitches

    As you see above the list is getting quite long, sonsidering a ton of others have not had this issue, and I see on videos this same exact phone SPH-L710 people instlal just fine.

    I have talked closely with struckn and some other devs as well, and nobody can figure out why I cannot install these roms. Speculation however is from reading and from what people have told me on xda and here, is that these newer s3's somehow have been modified via the hardware or software (I lean to the software) so it makes it really difficult to root/install roms.

    I know it can be done because I am rooted, and I have used 3 or 4 different TW roms. Anything aside from that it just doesn't work, and throws me into a blank screen.


    So I'm at a loss right now why this is giving me such problems, so I will throw this out there, in desperation and ask....does anyone have any ideas why, am I just destined to be stuck on touchwiz and not have any other choice or options??

    Not really sure if I should remove what I posted or just leave it in case somne else ahs this issue, so I'll jsut leave it and add to this.

    Just a small update on my install issues....
    I am 3 for 3 on installing from the internal mem of the phone. I did Beanstalk 4.4, cm11 4.4.2, and slimbean 4.3, all these gave me a blank screen after the Samsung logo.

    I also out of curiosity did a test with the 8gb sd card I have and copied over cm11 to install from the sd card, that also worked as well.....something to do with the 32gb sd cards I guess, because everything I was doing was with a 3gb sd card, and with the 8gb card it all went smoothly.

    The roms also had a wonky affect with the 32gb cards as it would say something like "sd card removed unexpectedly.....remounting" and this message would loop until I went into storage setting then it stopped....I didn't adjust or change anything just me going into the setting stopped it, for awhile anyways, then it would randomly pop back up, and I'd repeat it. Also sometimes it would loose connection during a transfer.

    I have tested this with 3 different 32gb micro sdcards all class 10, an 8gb class 10, and an 8gb class 6, as well as a 2gb class 4.....all the 8gb and 2gb cards gave me no issues while the 32gb cards (all 3) did give me problems, it didn't matter if they were empty and freshly formatted or full of any sort of info....I had windows files on one, android backup files on another and a freshly formatted on the other, all 3 cards gave the exact same results in all the roms. I also had issues with the 32gb cards showing that no data was there, like an empty folder, when the data was indeed there.

    I had early on thought it was a bad card, but the cards recognize on the pc, and on the phone, (when they work on the phone), so the chances of all 3 being bad is slim and none, along with the fact all 3 having identical problems and effects, so I highly doubt the cards are bad.

    So install issue is now fixed.

    Now all I have left to fix is the APN issue for 3g/data.

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  2. cornelljdavis

    cornelljdavis Well-Known Member

  3. cornelljdavis

    cornelljdavis Well-Known Member

    Coo glad u got it bro
  4. smith058

    smith058 Android Expert

    Bad data will do it... You should've mentioned something about your s_d card long while back I would of said it's probably going bad or becoming corrupt...

    I'm glad you got it all figured out though the APN is pretty easy
  5. alpha2k

    alpha2k Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    nah the cards are good, just the phone and/or the roms don't like the cards....I have no isssues what so ever with TW roms, so it's just the aosp roms.

    I still havn't fixed the apn thing.

    1: I'm not seeing the piggy back file your talking about
    2: if it's for TW then I doubt it'd work for aosp, because from what I can tell, aosp does things differently, structure wise.


    Finally, I found the issue. I have 3g status!

    I am on cm11 right now but I can almost guarantee you 99% it's the same on EVERY rom I had issues with.

    I got frustrated and pretty well gave up on the fact of getting the data working, so i ended up going to jsdingle's mk5 TW rom.
    I was about to settle in setting it up and I look at the signal and it said 4g, and Iw as like hrmm ok yeah 4g, then a lightbulb went off....I was like wow, 4g....default start?......I WONDER!?!?!?.......so I reloaded cm11 one last time, went into the wireless and network settings, then to mobile networks, then to preferred network. Under that I picked CDMA/EVO Auto, and bingo 3g popped on almost immediatly.

    What was happening is it was defaulting to 4g, and since KK is having problems with 4g, and that was default it wasn't kicking on......as soon as I switched to 3g bingo data. So all this time it was defaulted to 4g.

    Who knew, obviously not me! lol

    So as of right now I am issue free....and on aosp!!!!!!!!
  6. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Glad you got it fixed. I actually wrote up a section in my ROM thread about switching from LTE to CDMA in order to get 3g DATA working. I've always been able to get 3g on all AOSP ROMs by doing Alpineman's XML fix and switching to CDMA. Not having LTE in my area, the only thing I know about AOSP and 4g is what I've read from the guys who have 4g. I do know that there is a fix and some of the guys were actually able to get 4g but no MMS unless they switched back to CDMA. Glad you were able to get it figured out. Not having any format of data would suck.

    As far as the TW ROMs, switching to CDMA and doing a profile update has always given me data. :)
  7. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast

    Just wanted to stop in say hi ya al

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