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Hello all, for those who don't know yet, Cyanogen team has released their first official CM 11 nightly for the Sprint SGS3, which is the one we use on VM or Boost! For those who would like it, I have uploaded the copy I modified for personal use to my Dropbox, there are no assert lines, so it is flashable by anybody on VM or Boost. Additionally, I have debloated it, removing Apollo music player, live wallpapers, email/exchange services, and the LatinIME keyboard has no language dictionaries besides English (this last one removes a surprising amount of data), so if you need any one of those features, you will want to download directly from the Cyanogen website. Enjoy, and happy flashing!

First Official CM11 Nightly 20131207

Standard disclaimer applies, I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong, but I will also say that this has been running very smoothly on my phone. On the VM side we have specific fixes for LTE and MMS issues, my understanding is that Boost does as well, so those will also need to be applied. Also make sure you flash GApps for 4.4.x, Paranoid Android 0-Day GApps from 11/26/2013 work very well. Any questions please post or feel free to PM me!

Update 12/12/2013:

Newest Android build (4.4.2) has been incorporated into CM 11. From a reply further along in this thread, wanted to get it into the OP for ease of access for those who want this particular nightly:

All right, all is well with a dirty flash and installation of newest PA GApps! Don't worry if initial boot hangs after a few seconds, it will restart itself and boot just fine. This has actually happened to me about half the time on CM 11 anyways when rebooting back from recovery. Standard disclaimer from OP applies about bricked phones, personal responsibility, etc., etc. Also, I in no way claim to be directly responsible for the original ROM or GApps, these are just the versions I modified for personal use after downloading. All credit goes to CyanogenMod Team and Paranoid Android. Modification of build.prop to set SELinux to permissive did not stick or else I need to modify another line I don't know about, so for now changing from enforcing to permissive requires manual intervention. Good luck, happy flashing!

Modified CM 11 Nightly from 12/12/2013:

12/12/2013 Modified CM11 Nightly

Modified PA GApps (Full package) from 12/12/2013:

12/12/2013 Paranoid Android Full GApps Package (Modified)

Don't forget, appropriate APN fixes (specific to Boost or VM, depending) are still necessary; however, once installed, they should "stick" through dirty flashing to a new nightly and won't need to be flashed every time.

Update 12/15/2013:

CyanogenMod Team has fixed the camera issue. I will link two copies of this build. Both copies have had the assert lines removed so anyone on VM/Boost can flash. First one has just that modification, no debloating, second copy has been debloated to my personal tastes (see first part of the OP). And as usual, this is CM's original work, I have just provided this as a service to those who don't want to do the "dirty work" to get a Sprint ROM working on our phones.

Option 1, no debloat: 12/15/2013 Modified CM11 Nightly, No Assert Lines

Option 2, debloated: 12/15/2013 Modified CM11 Nightly, No Assert Lines, Debloated

***** Merry Christmas Everyone!! *****

All right my friends, as a Christmas present to you all, here is the 12/25 nightly from CyanogenMod Team. No major bug fixes or anything that would normally justify flashing for me personally, but I snuck in a message for you guys that will show up when you are flashing in recovery, so watch the screen while the flash is taking place!

Christmas Version of CM11 Nightly 20131225

This is a heavily debloated version, but if you are dirty flashing and normally use Titanium Backup (if you aren't, you should!) then you can restore anything you normally use (like Email or Apollo) after flashing.


Here is the first Snapshot build for CM11 for those who would like it. Standard drill, this has the asserts removed and is heavily debloated to my personal tastes, and as always, this is not my original work, all credit goes to CyanogenMod Team!

CM11 M2 Snapshot

For those who would like a GApps alternative, BaNKS GApps is a very nice option. Be aware, standard procedure for GApps from Paranoid Android and BaNKS has become to replace certain AOSP features like Trebuchet and the SMS app with Google defaults (Google Experience Launcher and Hangouts in this case). If you want those AOSP options left intact, flash P.A. GApps for 4.4 from 11/26/2013 (thanks APOPHiS420 for figuring that one out!).

BaNKS GApps XDA Thread

Update 12/16/2013:

As of the release of the 12/15/2013 P.A. GApps packages, only the Complete package will replace certain AOSP standard features, other packages, such as Full Modular will leave those options intact (i.e. launcher, SMS app, and keyboard from AOSP won't be replaced by their Google counterparts; Google Experience Launcher, Hangouts, and Google keyboard will still be installed, but will be an option for using instead of the new default).

Want your Dalvik Virtual Machine to get blazing fast? Check out this thread on XDA, make sure to read all instructions and warnings thoroughly. Nandroid first for sure if you choose to flash this. On CM11, do not choose the bionic patch, just the Dalvik one, and put the restore .zip file in the same location on your SD card just to be safe. That being said, just flashed this patch and wow! It really does work, at least for the last hour or two, and confirmed working by several other members as well (thanks to Warrior94 and Rally517).

Dalvik patch: Qualcomm-optimized Dalvik library

Need a custom kernel? My kernel of choice is dkp, hands down. Decimalman is an amazing kernel developer, been using his builds since almost day one of owning the S3. He builds for TouchWiz 4.3, AOSP 4.3, and has just started releasing AOSP 4.4 test builds. As of this writing, second test build for AOSP 4.4 is running really well for me, using freelunch/zen combo and undervolted by -75 across the board, with minimum setting of 540 mHz for faster wake times, no overclocking (no need to overclock a dual core running 1512 unless it is just to get a high benchmark, and that should be a temporary thing). Decimalman is also very responsive to feedback posted on his XDA thread, just remember to be polite and not accusatory if something isn't working-these are test builds for the most part!

XDA Thread for dkp kernel

For another kernel option, wetbiker7 recommends KT747. As a bonus, it installs the KTweaker app for fine-tuning tons of kernel options.

XDA Thread for KT747 kernel: XDA Thread for KT747 kernel


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Very nice. Thanks for sharing your debloated version and I'll get this added to my ROM/Mod thread when I get to my pc. :D


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So does lte work with this

If you have 4g in your area and want to test it you can flash this zip made by junkie2100 it may work I posted it in my other asop test zip thread but here you go im just busy today and don't have the time to tinker with anything but tonight and tomorrow morning I'm all over this

EDIT :Wait before flashing I need to make sure partitions match

I checked we have the same partitions I'll let everyone know what happens
If you like you can read through the original ASOP but this isn't my work not taking credit it's junkies I just re uploaded it to dropbox it should work for fixing the 4glte problem I haven't tested it so I can't say it will work but I'm testing it tonight if you get to it before me test it and report back

Rally 517

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never had that problem. no problems with me so far

dirty flashed from the unofficial to this nightly

I'm still having that problem only way I can fix is to reboot. I read in your forums there is a fix. But I can't find it. Could you help thanks


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So far all works for me though I haven't tried to see if the LTE works as it should. MMS doesn't work thigh I'm sure there's a fix somewhere. Battery life didn't seem to be quite as good as stock for me.


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Yes I can confirm your zip works. Yes cm11 with lte for boost

I'm still having that problem only way I can fix is to reboot. I read in your forums there is a fix. But I can't find it. Could you help thanks

Pretty much mk3,mk5 and md4.

Wait wait wait let's back up the zip works? And the issue now is when you switch on wifi the data won't reconnect
I had this issue when I was on a cm10.2 nightly build it's probably a bug in the Rom they have to work out
But wait the zip works?


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Yes the zip works. Man I was geeked to have LTE on cm 11. The problem fixes after reboot. Just a pain

Well I'm on cm lol I don't really care that much about rebooting it's better than having no lte lol but yeah I'm pretty sure that the bug is in the Rom so guess we just have to wait until they fix that


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Just to share, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to resize my screen shots in order to upload (I'm open to suggestions, you can even talk to me like I'm a complete noob in the instructions), but on first nightly of official CM 11, my battery just hit 24 hours on most recent charge and it is currently at 39%!! This is with standard usage for me of texting, some MMS, Tapatalk and internet usage, etc.

Update: Seems like the stock kernel almost has a fast-charge type of setting, I don't know how else to describe it because my phone is charging as fast as it does when I use a custom kernel and enable the fast-charge option. Could just be KitKat related, as my 3G also seems way faster than before.