Root [Boost Mobile] Protect internal folder from deletion?


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I only have a dinky 2gig sd card, and it wont fit my nandroids or rom.zips, so can I store them on my internal without wiping them when I do fresh installs?

I wipe the whole phone to avoid fc issues and the like.

Just curious.



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What recovery are you using because philz does not erase "internal sd" by default. You have to manually go into mounts/storage then erase it.

PS this is more of a root related question. Asking these things in the non-root section could get you wrong answers.

Edit; FYI You can even backup your internal storage with philz if you do a custom backup and select it.


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I just need a bigger sd card to store my crap instead of internal. I like to format the whole phone when I flash. I hate havin leftover anythings in it lol.