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[Boost Mobile] RAM Swapping without Swapper2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by drewhill77, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. drewhill77

    drewhill77 Android Enthusiast
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    If you've already turned on swap then do "swapoff (location of swapfile)" then "rm (location of swapfile)" then recreate it. Most devs are adding scripts to their roms that auto creates a 200mb swapfile which seems to be more than sufficient.

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  2. akira6968

    akira6968 Newbie

    To be clear, and consistent with the OP you made, assuming one followed your instructions as they are written, this is what I'll be doing:

    # swapoff /mnt/sdcard/swapfile

    # rm /mnt/sdcard/swapfile

    Now I have no swapfile, and I'm back to 'square one'.

    Then start from the beginning of OP and just change my MB to what makes sense.

    My last coding experience was QBasic lol, in 1998...but I do know a few windows CLI commands, and this seems slightly similar. So lemme know if that's wrong? Thx!

    Thought I'd write it up like that because to us non-programmers, Linux-dummies it REALLY helps us when the syntax is laid out in example-type format (as opposed to variables in brackets or parenthesis). Also has the effect of even noobier noobs simply typing out the exact strings w/o replacing the appropriate variables, but... I like to hope that's a rare occasion.
  3. drewhill77

    drewhill77 Android Enthusiast
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    Yup...that is exactly correct. And no worries...I'm a linux dummy myself. Didn't have any use for linux till I got my first Android phone (this one). Only thing helping me figure all this out is that my first pc in 1988 was a tandy 1000hx and it was all command line/dos back then lol.
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  4. drewhill77

    drewhill77 Android Enthusiast
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    And sorry for the lack of concisness...wasn't sure to what degree you had followed my instructions lol...felt it better to be more generic in my response.
  5. BionicDR

    BionicDR Lurker

    Thanks for this post! I was thinking the same exact thing as I just downloaded to try Ram Manager Pro and another ram manager. I just moved my podcast back to the internal card specifically to free up room on my card for the swap.
  6. demodghost

    demodghost Lurker

    i am using this on my micromax a88, which is a kinda cheap phone. its working on jellybean 4.1.1, 473 mb ram, 1.2 dual core.
    i have busybox, smanager n trickster MOD for kernel.
    i created d swap file den implemented d first step i.e. mkswap /mnt/...... but
    i am trying to swap on my swapfile but every time i try it says not implemented. need help what to do. and i cant download glitch for kernel , so using trikster MOD. if it requires glitch then send me the free version link please. plzz help...ive tried every possible way...swapper n other tools also.....so plz plz help
  7. drewhill77

    drewhill77 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Most likely the kernel you're using doesn't support swap
  8. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    You wont be able to use glitch kernel on your device. Its free (as is everything but CDMA Workshop on this sub forum, but there's even a trial version of that) but its designed for the Warp N860 only. An attempt to install on any other device will probably brick it and render it unusable.

    As for the swap file, it probably isn't supported by your kernel or your rom. If that's not the case you may just be doing something wrong, like a small typo or capital letter that shouldn't be there or something. Either way it seems like your device doesn't support it.
  9. I essentially only needed the file in init.d and a reboot, the sysctl -p command gave errors when run in terminal. So essentially once you figure out where the SD card is mounted, just enter the 99swapon things and reboot then test, makes life easier.

    Also the reason for this guide is you don't need swapper, I downloaded swap programs from Google play and one assigned itself as device admin and I couldn't uninstall it.

    Also there are issues with swapping and ram for some people ( /data) , if this is on you nand flash you will brick your device eventually due to limited writes, and you can't replace internal storage. If you use ram that is really cool but my device crashes with that ability ( compcache and/or zRAM) so the best option is SD card, when it dies it can be replaced. And it depends on I/o performance, even if the nand is faster, readind from the flash then writing to it can cause an I/o bottle neck. Having 2 separate devices may very well be faster for that reason, even if the SD is slower (mine is sdhc uhs-1 however so no worries there)
  10. I tried using I used swapped & swapper2 but it didnt work for me. I got swap working with AMemoryBoost(Swap enabler) to activate 3rd partition formated Linux swap on SD card. Then I used Ram Manger Pro to see that the swap partition was active. Forum members recommended Roehsoft MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check to see if swap is possible on a device. For me that test would fail but I had the Swap partition working & active with other 2 apps all ready. I did buy Roehsoft Ram Expander(Swap) two replaced the 2 other apps because it has autorun at boot option & let's you make swap files or partitions of any size, set swapness, drop cache, etc. If you want init.d support on any Android device you can use Uni-init v1.0.apk from xda to enable init.d on any device. You can find the apk & test file with instructions on YouTube also. I dont know if this can help anyone setup swap partitions and/or files.
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  11. bioX

    bioX Lurker

    it seems to be working, although this kernel doesnt' support swap... cannot enable, do I need init.d? will try... as I got a Function not implemented error

    still no luck
    universal init.d did not activate, even after the Done! bubble flashes..

    I just got init.d to read Successful after confirming its activation :)
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