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[Boost Mobile] [REQUEST] ZTE Warp Roms Wiki

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Androidjerr, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Androidjerr

    Androidjerr Member
    Thread Starter

    would love to get a wiki post with a list of all the roms.

  2. Androidjerr

    Androidjerr Member
    Thread Starter

  3. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Android Expert

    Its fairly upto date a rom or two are nolonger suported theres only 2 maybe 3 roms that have ben recently released and in testing phases right now that arnt there
  4. Androidjerr

    Androidjerr Member
    Thread Starter

    yes but what i would like is were developers could write a piece about there rom
  5. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Android Expert

    They do in the thread the post it in. But i think if they all shared a thread for it people will try and hype up theirs or the one they are usin more than others or get competative over whos is better
  6. Androidjerr

    Androidjerr Member
    Thread Starter

    am i the only one that thinks this would be nice? if so a mod can close this thread and im fine but i thought there were other people that would enjoy a warp revamp
  7. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Android Expert

    Itd be cool to have a 3rd party list the roms and features and lock the thread and put it in the sticky section so people can choose but i do t think itd be a good place to try and discuss that many roms, possible issues and questions about features. The individual threads are more efficient and organized for that
  8. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito

    I think Prinny's Reviews are pretty good. Its all positive and is a great advertising for a developer
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  9. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Android Expert

    I agree with downthemachine. If you want to con tribute to making one or want to help me make one I will sticky it.

    The problem is getting the time from the Dev to fully explain their ROM and changes from stock to theirs. I think Prinny did a nice job on his piece.

    The ZTE All things Root FAQ was updated two weeks ago. If you have anything more you'd like to add or have any suggestions then let me or Agentc13 know and we will gladly adjust things accordingly.
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  10. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    Plus, it almost seems like getting a review from a third party is better. This way, you get a totally unbiased, realistic view on the ROM's features and weaknesses from the perspective of the person who matters most - the end user.

    Making a ROM is like writing a term paper: you can look it over and over and, because you are seeing it from the perspective of what you intended to make, it's sometimes really hard to see those errors that are all-too-obvious to someone who hasn't spent the last two weeks staring at it.

    Don't get me wrong, though. I see the logic of the OP and agree that it would be nice to let the devs do a little "advertising" lol

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