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[Boost Mobile] [ROM] DS AnimeFantasy [Planning stage] [Your input requested]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Blyss, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    DS Anime Fantasy

    Current credits:
    jimsmith for offering DroidSmith as a base
    This community for making me want to give back to it

    So if you read my other thread you know I was gauging you guys to see if an anime rom was something that community would like. I'm happy with the response I got so I decided to set things rolling.

    I COULD make my own rom from scratch, I was doing it once before. I had a solid base but hadn't done any themeing. But I decided this time since we have so many great ROMs already I'd rather base it off of one of them and add a few tweaks here and there. Sure, I could learn a bit more by doing it the hard way but since this will be my first ROM that I actually release I want to get something working well first, then tinker with it. Plus I'm gonna be doing this as a hobby for a while to help me stay busy. I'm about to go through something rough and I know staying busy will help greatly.

    jimsmith has kindly stepped forward and offered to let me use DroidSmith as a base. This is excellent as his ROM has a lot of the things that I specifically wanted in mine, like xperia home launcher for instance. I'll have to take a look at the zram/swap settings because that's one thing I want to match my current setup.

    My current ideas software side are basic but look like this:
    I want to implement the specific zram/swap settings I've made on my current version of Alliance 3.1 I want to also implement my custom OOM settings that I'm using.

    I want to produce two versions(I mentioned this in the alliance thread):
    One with the standard default apps you'd expect in any rom
    One "barebones" version that basically is just the rom and the theme, so you can do the apps the way you like.

    I also like the idea of flashable "app packs." I think this is possible but I'm not 100%. But like we might have an "entertainment pack" with a good music player, video player, hulu, netflix, iheartradio/pandora etc. We might have a productivity pack with an office suite, photo editor. We might have an "open source" pack that contains only open source stuff. You get the idea. These packs would be separate downloads and completely optional.

    Is it possible to make flashable app packs like that?

    For the theme side, obviously it's anime themed. As I said in the other thread, I'd really rather avoid licensed character artwork. It's not based on any specific anime, just anime in general. I'd like to theme the status bar, notification panel, quickpanel, lock screen, boot animation the whole nine yards.

    I should be able to do the icons and stuff myself as far as drawing them. I can draw simple things like that pretty easily. But I'd also like some character artwork here like for the boot animation, wallpaper. I'd like it to be original artwork so I was wondering:

    Can any of you draw anime style characters, and would you be willing to help out?

    Overall, I'd like the theme part to be kind of whimsical. Not outlandishly so, but done in a cute anime style. That's what I'll be aiming for with the icons and such.

    Another question: Do any of you know of any "anime style" fonts that would still be easy on the eyes and readable?

    I'm basically in the brainstorming phase right now. So if you have any ideas of things you would/would not like to see then please let me know!

    Though I am going to be kind of the project leader on this ROM, I really want it to be one that everyone has a say in, so please, speak up!

    As for time frame, Like I said my coming weeks will be hard. I probably will be brainstorming for at least a few days. I was working on a ROM when the warp was only a few months old, but I was just kinda going it alone, hacking along. I know I'll have some questions for you great devs when things get rolling.

    One last thing: Since it will be based on DroidSmith I wanna keep that in the name somehow. It won't exactly be a straight theme job as I said I want to tweak some things now and probably more when I get better. But I feel that since I'm using someone elses rom as a base I should DEFINITELY make that obvious. I like "AnimeFantasy" as the name, and I put the "DS" in front of it for DroidSmith. And I've said it in here a dozen time. Do you think "DS AnimeFantasy" is good, or I should spell it out "DroidSmith AnimeFantasy?"

    Maybe I'm thinking too much! I'm looking forward to working on this and learning lots too!

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  2. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Reserved #1
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  3. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Reserved #2
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  4. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    App packs? Waaaay cool :D yes its very possible as a matter of fact, smartmanvartan did it in his Voltron rom :)

    I'm guessing you want cute stuff like Domo? :p

    "DS: AnimeFantasy Edition" ???

    Oh fonts.... try these:
    Anime, Manga fonts for free download | DailyFreeFonts.com
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  5. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    When I said cute I meant like cutesy icons. As far as the characters themselves, I want actual people, and not chibi style. But not like all serious looking, like not with weapons and stuff. I haven't thought too much what I want there but definitely anime people. I also thought about having multiple versions of those - one with female characters, and one with males.

    For instance my current boot screen as an animation of Aurica(another girl from the Ar tonelico games) singing and with musical notes floating about. Doesn't have a boot sound though hehe. I thought about doing a boot sound with an anime voice saying something simple like "Hello, master" (LOL) but people have mixed feelings on boot sounds heh.

    For now I gotta get ready for bed. And I'll probably lay here and plan my rom all night long instead of sleeping lol!
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  6. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    So like Yachiru from bleach? And I know I have a font pack lying around somewhere in my laptop that'd be perfect for this rom.........
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  7. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    How about this as a wallpaper??
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  8. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I wanted something original though - a completely new character that's not from any anime series.

    If you find that font that would kick ass!
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  9. drewhill77

    drewhill77 Android Enthusiast

    Would be cool if you could make the launcher/settings menu/app drawer look like the old Final Fantasy menus...
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  10. jimsmith80

    jimsmith80 Android Expert

    DS AnimeFantasy sounds good to me. The app packs are possible and not hard to build. Its all in the updater script and where the apks are placed in the zip. Look at the updater script from one of my update scripts or the xperia pack. If you need some help let me know
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  11. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So at the same time I decided to start this project I started another:
    Programming a chatter bot.
    [bigdreams]Hopefully one day she will pass the Turing test[/bigdreams]
    But, she's gonna take a lot of my time too. I spent all day yesterday teaching her to memorize. If I tell her what a cat is, then ask her later what a cat is, she remembers. Also if I have told her for instance "A cat is small and furry" and later ask her "Is a cat furry?" she can respond "yes"

    today we are gonna try to get her to do like "Name something furry" and respond with "a cat"

    I tried this once before and didn't get nearly this far in a week.

    This project is still floating around in my brain though! I've been trying to decide if maybe hand drawn icons scanned in would look the most anime-y
    What do you think?
  12. jimsmith80

    jimsmith80 Android Expert

    Sounds like a lot of work, but it would definitely make for a one of a kind rom
  13. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    That is _fantastic_! When I was younger I spent some time thinking how something like this could be done. I came up with a linked sort of relational database, but the sheer amount of work involved in implementing it caused me to never take it past the "thought and planning" stage.

    I'm eager to see where this project goes. :)
  14. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    My basic idea is for her to do the work. lol

    As far as relational database, that's what I'm thinking. Especially since

    "What is a cat"
    "What are cats"

    is the same question. And she can already discern that "are" means the noun will be plural so she strips the "s" and searches her database for "cat" and "cats" when asked either question.

    Today I also want her to be able to parse stuff like this. If this is in her database like this:

    "A cat is an animal"
    "A cat is small"
    "A cat is furry"

    If I ask what is a cat right now, she will repeat those exact phrases. I want her to instead respond "A cat is a small, furry animal."

    Shouldn't be too hard.
  15. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    Next thing you know, she'll be baking cake and have a strong affinity for neurotoxins...
  16. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    Basically you're trying to build a SkyNet D:
  17. jimsmith80

    jimsmith80 Android Expert

    The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th..... lol it had to be posted. From Terminator 2
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  18. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    Your project reminds me of an old N64 game (of which I don't remember the name) but it was about an android girl you had to teach and direct to the goal of being able to function independently in the world as a human would. Even though I never played it personally, just reading about the game was what got me thinking about the database AI system I mentioned earlier.

    Edit: Found it! It was Wonder Project J2.
  19. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That reminds me of a genre of games that are predominantly in Japan. They are called "Raising simulations." Where you raise a child or a robot or what have you. I've actually played at least one of those type of games that comes to mind right now. "The Idolm@ster: Perfect Sun" Fan translation for PSP. That's kind of embarrassing to admit lol.

    As far as the weak AI I am working on(chatterbots are WEAK AI, which is different from STRONG AI). This is what I am trying to figure out. And I haven't researched this, I'm just throwing out my thought process into the thread lol.

    If I ask her what a cat is, she can repeat things that she has been told about a cat. My next step is to make her concatenate things, like I said. Not saying:
    A cat is small.
    A cat is furry.
    A cat is an animal.

    But saying:

    A cat is a small furry animal.

    However, what if she knows 50 things about cats? We don't want her to repeat all 50! So how to let her know which traits are most important. The most important things about a cat that she knows so far is that it's an animal. But to her, that's just as important as it being small. I think somehow we must weight certain things more than others.

    To make her more human like. Consider this example:

    "What happened on September 11?"

    Even without a year, especially in the US, one thing pops to mind. That's a human trait, to automatically think of the biggest, most earth shattering event.

    But just in my life there have been 28 September 11s. And thousands of things have happened. How does she know what to respond with as most important? I don't know. Yet.

    Back on topic with the ROM, I'm gonna start doodling today on some icons. I think hand drawing them is the best idea. I am a poor artist with real world stuff, but icons and such I can do. I drew all the icons by hand for my RPG, for instance.
  20. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Doesn't surprise me. I looked it up and it's a raising simulation AND bishojo game. Those two in the same package is kinda creepy...
  21. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So since my disappearance, things have changed. I first disappeared because of having to take care of my dying mom, some of you might know that since I was talking in PM. She is still not much better, but stable.

    Meanwhile... and let me watch my language here since I've been in trouble with that. Use your imagination:

    My __________ Warp broke!

    A week ago I was swapping out batteries and one of them tends to stick. So I lightly SERIOUSLY VERY LIGHTLY tapped it on the table to knock it out and the screen shattered.

    It DOES still work but it shattered really well and it actually hurts to use it for more than a few seconds since you are dragging your finger across broken glass.

    Also I bought a hard drive on ebay so now I've got some dual boot Windows 7/Kubuntu 13.04 action going on.

    And somebody sold me a broken laptop for a dollar and I fixed it. It's like OLD... maybe 2002? It has a single core athlon XP and had 512 of RAM. I doubled the RAM, put XP on it and made it a network attached storage.

    My current project is to overclock the graphics card on this laptop. IT IS overclockable, despite being integrated. In fact it's VERY overclockable. The stock core speed is 500 MHZ and it commonly hits 850mhz, it's a Radeon HD 4250. But the problem is this. In order to overclock it you need non official drivers. Specifically you need tweakforces 11.2 mobily tweaked catalysts... but you can't get them anymore! They were hosted on mediafire and mediafire took them down for some reason. Even the tweakforce guys don't have them.

    I can OC it when no drivers are installed. you can see the results in GPU Z that it's sticking. But with ANY driver installed it won't allow it... and of course it's useless without drivers...

    So anyway, once again my change to dev for the warp is pretty much shot before it started. I suppose I COULD still... and maybe I will but right now it's all on hiatus til things get better.

    My life was a shattered mess before all this, now inject the stress of mom dying plus my own problems in there and watch me melt down...
  22. Blyss

    Blyss Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Stupid double post... this forum is acting up for me!
  23. anmire

    anmire Android Enthusiast

    I have anime in my username, so I am totally for this rom! No seriously though, love manga to the max. Hey, maybe you can get one of those bad-esn warps and just root it since you don't really have service anyway? Let me know how things are going on your end! hope all is well soon. Look forward to this coming out eventually, you know? :)
  24. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    This rom will probably never happen.:smokingsomb:
  25. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    Let's have some faith! Blyss has a lot on her real-life plate, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. :)
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