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[Boost Mobile] [ROM] HaloBean 9 FINAL (SkinnyHALO Included)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Skinnyjeans21, Jul 5, 2013.


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  1. Halo ROM (Original Name)

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  3. Halo Jelly ROM

  1. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Welcome to HaloBean ROM! :D
    A Jelly Bean styled ROM based off Android 2.3.5, HaloBean (originally Halo Jelly) is the continuation of BLVCKHVLO's Halo ROM that is designed to combine looks, performance, and features.

    DISCLAIMER: Neither I (Skinnyjeans21) nor BLVCKHVLO (the original creator of this rom) are responsible for any damage, bricked phones (hard brick or soft brick), data loss as a result of not backing up data properly before flashes, or thermonuclear war as a result of flashing this. YOU (the user of this rom) are hereby responsible for anything that happens to your phone after flashing this. Besides, I usually test things myself before releasing for others to test anyways unless I have a broken USB Cable or something.

    B10g based

    Debloated and odexed

    Latest updated Playstore

    Camera ICS

    Flashlight HD


    Themed AOSP Calculator


    Voltage control

    Alien Kernel by Dm47021

    64 ZRAM

    SD Read ahead, set to 2046 (always got the best results)

    Paranoid Android Live Wallpapers

    LMT Launcher (Recent apps doesn't work in this, but its been added as a shortcut in notifications anyways)

    Apollo Music Player

    CRT on/off


    JB style notifications panel

    Lidroid toggles

    Modified settings menu: integrated quickpanel settings and shortcuts to edit hidden menu items without the need for MSL.

    Adreno 205 GPU tweaks (HUGE MASSIVE thanks to Dizzle1 for finding it, benchmark in next post)

    Heavily JB themed (that means:
    ICS/JB style lock screen pattern and clock
    ICS/JB style sliders and progress bars
    JB themed status bar
    ICS style notification icons
    Roboto font
    ICS/JB style toast notifications
    JB Transition Animations
    JB Notifications in Notifications Panel
    ICS/JB Pattern Lockscreen W/ Reduced Slider Path Thickness
    And More! :D


    Bravia Engine

    Extra volume steps

    Wi-Fi/USB Tethering Enabled in Settings

    JB Clear Button

    No AM/PM in status bar clock

    Built-In Ad-Blocking (Mother-Of-All-Ad-Blocking)

    Modified MMS (thanks Merc!)

    Circle Alarm (Holo Themed)

    And most of the included apps are uninstallable if you don't want them, so you can just remove from the applications manager in Settings :)

    Instructions for flashing:
    2. Download/ save zip to your Warp's SD card
    3. Reboot into recovery mode
    4. Install/ flash zip from SD card and locate the file
    5. Clear cache/ dalvik cache
    6. Reboot phone
    7. VERY IMPORTANTCome back here and hit the thanks button

    If you're in Voltage Control and your settings won't stick after a reboot, its because you never saved the settings. To save, set your values and apply. Then press the menu button on the phone and tap "save as init.d script" to overwrite the preincluded settings.

    If you're experiencing bad battery drain, try calibrating. This is a rom that you MUST calibrate the battery on. There are several ways to do this, the easiest of which is by downloading an app called Battery Calibration from the market. Follow the instructions within the app (charge to 100%, press calibrate, drain til the phone dies, charge to 100 without break while phone is on, and done, or you can drain again and charge to 100 w/o break and drain and charge 2 or 3 more times to really calibrate it). This does not increase battery life, but gives you a more accurate reading of what the percentage really is, which from my tests is ALWAYS much higher than the phone says when not calibrated.

    As mentioned before, most of the apps I have made user apps, so if there are some you don't need, uninstall them as you normally would through the app manager in Settings :D

    Screenshots and changelog are included in the second post of this thread as well :)


    Comments, suggestions? Post 'em here!
    Issues or concerns? Those go here too! Others may be having similar problems too, so I ask that questions and such not be sent via PM, only through this thread for open discussion. Also, if you want to use parts of this rom (such as theming) for your own rom or for personal modifications to your rom, that is fine, but if it is released here on AF or anywhere else, remember to give credit for it! Plagiarism is one of the things that really grinds my gears and I don't take lightly to it.

    Enjoy the ROM! :D


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  2. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    BLVCKHVLO, for building the rom and giving me an excellent base to work on, you rock man!

    Jetx2x for the easter egg and for fixing the text issue when I was trying to get the ics/jb buttons into the rom :D

    LilBit for supporting me and cheering me on ever since I began theming:D

    Mercury0x000d for his settings.apk which I analyzed to get Wi-Fi tethering integrated into Settings and for his modified stock mms.apk, which you just can't beat no matter how hard you try :)

    Jimsmith80 for sharing how he got Wi-Fi tethering into settings. Without him sharing it with us it wouldn't have been possible :)

    aaanadie, kdraw44, and oscarsama for being my guinea pigs when my dog ate my USB cable and I wasn't able to flash my own rom and test myself

    Tigatron for the Whistle.ogg, apns_conf.xml, and calculator app included in 6.12 and for confirming that some sprint apks in the rom were totally unnecessary and just a waste of space in there

    i2f, for making the vibrate icon in the status bar match with the signal bars in Warped Sandwich for Noob ROM so I had a hard time seeing it with my bad eyes so I ended up learning how to change it then I figured I'd do the same with everything else and created a theme with Warped Sandwich as a base. If it hadn't been for that vibrate icon I wouldn't have started theming, much less kept a rom going :D HUGE THANKS I2F!!

    Sb43 for his donation of a Warp so that I can continue to develop for this great community! :D YOU ROCK!

    Dslack420 for his donation of a USB cable when all mine stopped working and I couldn't go buy a new one (if its this bad in high school, I can't imagine what its gonna be like on a Ramen Noodle budget in college) BIG THANKS!! :)

    And all the users of this rom as well as this Warped community for being my reason to keep trying to improve this rom :D

    ICS/JB StatusBar+JB style quickpanel+4G LTE icon+ICS/JB PowerWidget

    TwerkPanel Settings

    Apollo Music Player

    LMT Pie Launcher

    ICS/JB Volume Control Panel

    ICS/JB Sliders+PopUp Menus

    ICS/JB Themed Dialer ("8" Key pressed)

    ICS/JB Style Battery Gauge+Preview of Battery Chart

    1.99-Implemented theme and added Adreno 205 GPU tweaks

    2.20-Added/replaced the following system apps: Holo Launcher (replace ADW), AdAway, DownloadCrutch, Apollo Music Player, Adobe Flash Player. Also updated flashlight app. Updated theme. Replaced platlogo.jpg and accompanying text. Replaced all sounds with ones from Mercury Sound Pack (ICS/JB Sounds). ICS boot animation added. Raised the default speed to 122-1804 SmartassV2/SIO. "Fixed" signal meter by adding 6 bars instead of 4 (the phone is supposed to have all 6, but the 4,5,6 images were replaced by the same full signal meter-- didn't noticed it during my theming until I took a closer look at it.) EDIT: this one wasn't released, wouldn't boot due to a bad bootanimation zip. Also had a few bugs in SystemUI.apk

    2.25 (REMOVED)-Added stock BM bootanimation, and fixed the bugs in SystemUI.apk. New 6 bar signal meter added/fixed. UPDATE: Removed. Botched it somewhere, going to release it again but with less features to keep track of where the bug comes in. Sorry for the inconvenience guys...

    2.75 RCI-Added/replaced the following system apps: Holo Launcher (replace ADW), AdAway, DownloadCrutch, Apollo Music Player, Adobe Flash Player. Also updated flashlight app. Updated theme. Raised the default speed to 122-1804 SmartassV2/SIO. "Fixed" signal meter by adding 6 bars instead of 4 (the phone is supposed to have all 6, but the 4,5,6 images were replaced by the same full signal meter-- didn't noticed it during my theming until I took a closer look at it.) Also added Wi-Fi Tethering and CPU control/history in settings. Confirmed fully working :D

    2.75 RCII-Removed throttling in services.jar, added custom platlogo.jpg to framework-res.apk and changed accompanying text in framework.jar. "Mobile Networks" doesn't seem to work in this one under Settings, doesn't matter right now seeing how the Power Widget and QuickSettings Panel both have the option to enable/disable/toggle it.

    2.75 RCIII-Removed the GB music player (forgot to leave that out...) and try to fix settings.apk. Not sure just wtf is going on since I used the settings apk from 2.75 RCII in HJR1.99 and it worked perfectly fine...

    2.75 RCIV passed, became 2.80

    2.80-Contains everything that I saw fit from the RC's. Full changelog for 2.80: Updated theme. Raised the default speed to 122-1804 SmartassV2/SIO. "Fixed" signal meter by adding 6 bars instead of 4 (the phone is supposed to have all 6, but the 4,5,6 images were replaced by the same full signal meter-- didn't noticed it during my theming until I took a closer look at it.) Also added Wi-Fi Tethering. Custom platlogo.jpg added to framework-res.apk and changed accompanying text in framework.jar. Also themed mms.apk a bit more.

    2.90-Added JB clear button in notifications and removed am/pm from status bar, clock color changed to blue

    3.00-Added ICS/JB like notifications in status bar, bit more theming changes, added dpi changer from DroidSmith (thanks Jimsmith80!)

    4.00-Added Beats Audio, MegaBassBeats, and Bravia Engine (Bravia was a COMPLETE and TOTAL accident, but hey, works great!), updated build number (I remembered :D), replaced all ringtones with sounds from CM10 (99 ringtones, so have fun finding the one you like!), changed default governor settings to 122-1804 cfq/SmartassV2. Also added in Jelly Bean transition animations and edited strings.xml in framework-res.apk to make the prompts more Jelly Bean-like, and edited updater-script so from now on the rom won't format data. However, I'm still going to recommend that the data partition be wiped in clockworkmod/TWRP if coming from another rom.

    4.20-VERY minor theme tweaks (you won't even notice them unless you've got a freakishly good eye), and reduced path thickness in the pattern lockscreen to get a more full and complete Jelly Bean look :D also removed phonesky.apk from the rom because it was causing issues with they Play Store updates removing themselves after installing gapps. So now there won't be anything conflicting after flashing gapps into the rom :):D

    4.30-ICS/JB spinners added, slightly themed calendar, all apps updated, and Play Store readded into rom. Need to fix smoothness of the spinners though, next update should have a fix.

    4.40-added a bit more smoothness to ICS/JB spinners, though they still are very choppy even though I increased the framerate on them, ClockworkMod SuperUser added and confirmed fully working, LMT Pie now working as it should, and more theme tweaks to help smooth out the issue with drawable-mdpi, removed DPI changer as it was messing with the rom too much, moved Tethering Options to "Wireless & Networks" category in Settings menu, new Easter Egg to better go with the rom. Also changed name to HaloBean since I love the name so much :D

    4.46-added new adblocking hosts file and removed adaway

    4.47-fixed ics spinners in framework-res

    4.48-updated superuser

    4.50-updated superuser again but actually got it mostly right. Battery life sucks booty on first flash, to fix let the phone drain itself down to around 10-15% then turn off and let charge for an hour or two. Battery life will be a bit better afterwards. I'm not sure whats going on as I only modified superuser in this one. Fix will most likely come in the next update.

    5.0.4-fixed superuser, massive theming all over the rom, as well as some polishing up, MASSIVE performance boosts and battery optimizations, and rebuilt from HaloJelly 4.3. less laggy, and boots up and warms up completely about 4x faster than before :D also readded stock browser.

    6- Added the PureAudio™ Engine by Jeeko @ XDA. Has Beats, XLoud, and Megabassbeats included, and it has better sound quality, reverted to old ics-style spinners and increased framerate to make it super smooth. Also modified framework-res.apk to get ICS/JB styled volume panel. Also added battery tweaks. Somewhat fixed clear button running away. Revamped quickpanel, fixed statusbar getting stuck at bottom upon swiping back up, moved quickpanel to top of statusbar, removed redundant date at very top of status bar on expansion of status bar. Heavily re-themed dialer and contacts, AOSP Messaging included, minor SystemUI and framework-res adjustments to pull everything together.

    6.2- Converted some of the system apps into user apps, also added Whistle.ogg to notification sounds and added fixed apns_conf.xml and new Calculator app (calculator only works as a system app for some reason, thanks Tigatron for Whistle.ogg, apns fix, and the calculator app! You rock man! :D) also a few minor theme tweaks and removed unnecessary apps in /system/app (thanks Tigatron for pointing out that the rom works fine without those 3 sprint apks, totally unnecessary so it was just taking up space). Also added a different AOSP Messaging APK and added translucent status bar.

    7- Fixed/improved Messaging by using settings from Merc's modified stock Messaging app, also some theme modifications (notably in Settings and Dialer) also the REAL Jelly Bean easter egg, thanks to Jetx2x for getting it to work on Gingerbread and helping me integrate it into my rom :D also backed down on the performance boosts to increase battery life IMMENSELY (as in, I went 8 1/2 hours and my battery life only dropped 2%). New boot animation has been added, and forgot to mention performance didn't take as much of a hit because the rom does better when its lightened up :) New libs added for QuickPic in system as well

    8- Changed Superuser to SuperSU because of issues with su binary; more theming in framework-res.apk (added new buttons, and changed text color to white -thanks Jetx2x -); added PurePerformanceX; removed some apps; converted some apps into user apps so you can now uninstall more of the ones you don't want with ease; new cleaner and faster gps.conf to speed up the gps a bit more; cleaned up some system files; reduced rom zip to 132 MB; updated all apps; phone now has much less lag on first boot, such that it flys through menus surprisingly fast; fixed mms, so its now fully functional again, and it's going to stay that way from now on. Few more build.prop tweaks for power conservation, and now mostly odexed, except for framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk to maintain functionality with UOT kitchen, Ninjamorph, and the such :)

    Future Update 9 (current progress): Cleaned up some system files, modified rom so Wi-Fi consumes less power, Sysctl.conf tweaks (thanks rickpcb!), also made it so the status bar notifications panel is full screen like JB (that is, it hides the line of icons at the top with signal indicators and time), removed HTC Keyboard and replaced with ICS keyboard (I'll have it as an add-on), removed most of PurePerformanceX and left some parts that I saw actually helped (mostly build.prop adjustments), modified PowerNap script to lower values for more battery life but still no wakeup lag, sysctl.conf tweaks (thanks rickpcb!), deodexed, rom shrunk down to 128 MB, which is about 18 MB less than HaloBean 8! All apps zipaligned as well


    This section will be dedicated to the latest public testing releases, for those who want to try it. It could be stable, it could be unstable, who knows? Only the tester :p so proceed with caution...

    HaloBean 9 RC-XI: Contains all the changes mentioned in the changelog, so test the crap out of it and test its limits so I can try and improve it! Tethering may or may not work, and I need your help to test it since its the biggest issue at the moment. When tethering can be fixed, I can smash out the minor bugs in other areas as well :D Just click anywhere in this paragraph to go to the download.... this link is blue :)

    SkinnyHALO ROM: Decided it was time to bring it back. For those who want a minimal UI with power under the hood to power your phone, but nothing extra clunky; this is the rom for you. This is the OG HVLOROM, with no changes except under the hood for performance boosts and battery enhancements. Includes Bravia Engine, all apps updated, Adreno 205 GPU tweaks, PowerNap: HaloBean 9 Edition, some system apps moved to /data/app partition so if you don't like something, uninstall it as you usually would! :D Wifi enhancements as well. I have to add Wifi Tethering to the settings menu as well in this one, as its not included. Credit goes to BLVCKHVLO for the rom, all I've done is enhance it a bit to make it meet up with HaloBean 9. Haven't had a chance to run any benches yet. ROM size is only 115 MB, and it may get smaller soon. This is SkinnyHALO RCI, so expect alot, but not everything to be complete in the rom. This paragraph is also blue.
  3. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    I'm in. Voted!! :p
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  4. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Gracias! :D
    etardedme and LilBit like this.

    BLVCKHVLO Android Enthusiast

    I'm on tapatalk so I can't do the poll. My vote is on halo jelly Rom :D
    LilBit likes this.
  6. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'll vote on your behalf ;)
    That was my pick anyways hah
    BLVCKHVLO and LilBit like this.
  7. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    Yay!! Me too:)
    Doc likes this.

    BLVCKHVLO Android Enthusiast

    This doesn't strike me as something to be happy about lol unless you are agreeing with the vote... Duh. I thought your were happy we were both not able to poll.
  9. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I lol'ed x)
    Its like in high school and you fail a test with your best friend
    "What you failed too!? HIGH FIVE!"
  10. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    I agree with the vote:) Yay!!:D
    :rolleyes: ;) :p
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  11. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    My votes in lol..............;):D:p lol....:cheers:
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  12. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    The poll for the name is closing in a few! And so fast Halo Jelly ROM is winning :D
    Cast your vote now or forever hold your peace :):p;):smokingsomb::rolleyes::D
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  13. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Its getting close lol.............;)
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  14. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    OMG!! :eek: Hurry People!!:thumb:
    Doc likes this.
  15. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'm working on a new Halo 1.99 release as we speak, this poll closes when I'm finished building so maybe less than an hour left ;)
    LilBit likes this.
  16. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    And thats assuming everything works out well :D

    EDIT: yay 1k
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  17. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Lets get some more peeps voting, your running out of time lol......;)
    LilBit likes this.
  18. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Need a tester.... anyone?
    It's my first time building, so whoever tests needs to have a nandroid ready. Don't think anything will go wrong though :)

    EDIT: just finished building, now uploading to my Copy account...
    EDIT AGAIN: damn its done uploading :eek:
    LilBit likes this.
  19. spencer320

    spencer320 Well-Known Member

    Got my vote in!! WooHoo!!
    Stupid question tho.... whats this rom being based off of? GB, ICS or JB?? Or themed after?

    That's kinda what Im thinking it should be named after. Anyway, I voted for the JB.
    Skinnyjeans21 and LilBit like this.
  20. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Nah not a stupid question, this rom is a continuation of Halo ROM which is GB based but heavily ICS/JB themed, mostly JB now.

    Kinda tells you what its gonna look like ;)
    LilBit likes this.
  21. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    I will test it later this evening Skinny!! Congrats on the 1K post's.
    Didn't you just get senior member status like last week? JK!!
    Congrats !!
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  22. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Link for 1.99 is up now :D
    Everything seems to work, any bugs let me know
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  23. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Lol a little late I already tested myself (after backing up my old framework and systemui since it has the updated theme)
    shouldn't brick any phones unless someone doesn't know what they're doing, in which case they should ask
    LilBit likes this.
  24. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    Cool,:) Added to the ATRG for you.:thumb:
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  25. TyranTxHD

    TyranTxHD Well-Known Member

    You should add Acid audio engine for the next release.
    Skinnyjeans21, aaanadie and LilBit like this.

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