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[Boost Mobile] [ROM][NDC][STOCK][4.4.2][KITKAT][ROOTED][ODEXED/DEODEXED]- Virgin Mobile/Boost Mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jdsingle76, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. dennytechno

    dennytechno Member

    I flashed this but I have no date what so ever.... I can't even connect to wifi. can someone help me?


  2. droidagnostic

    droidagnostic Newbie

    Yeah you're probably gonna need to provide some more info.

    Like exactly step for step what you have done so far, so we can see what might have gone wrong and help you out.

    Off hand kinda sounds like the connection issues I had to work through (read my post #48 above).
  3. dennytechno

    dennytechno Member

    I flashed the stock odexed rom over CLEAN stock because i intitally formatted /system in recovery by accident and it wouldn't boot back up.

    So i flashed that, it booted back up but i had no data, no radio. So iflashed the modem, i now have radio but i have no data. I switched to 3G and the icon pops up but i still can't surf the web. I flash the modem again, nothing. I tried everything. I just have no data. I can call and text though.

    EDIT: just realized i was in Boost Mobile forum, i have virgin mobile lol. guess rules still apply though, right?
  4. droidagnostic

    droidagnostic Newbie

    So not clear from your response about "CLEAN stock"; did you Odin the stock NDC tar or already have the OTA 4.4.2 update?

    What does it say under Baseband version?

    That modem may take 2 or 3 shots to get it to take. If it isn't working after 3 tries you probably need to start the process over again beginning with Odining the tar.

    I had to go through the whole process several times to get everything to take. Check the baseband version and conection at each step as you go through. My first pass i had Unknown on baseband version after i got done flashing everything. 2nd time i had right baseband & I had connection after odin the tar, lost connection it after flashing the deodexed and finally regained after 2 modem flashes.

    Yeah this is Virgin/Boost thread cause ROM works for both.
  5. dennytechno

    dennytechno Member

    I had the OTA update already before i rooted my phone and formatted /system

    so i thought all i had to was just flash the odexed and modem and it would be fine. because before i flashed the modem i had NOTHING no radio, no service. I flash the modem and service came back just no data. I would flash the tar but the website is blocked at my school and i live on campus. If i download via my phone, could i flash the tar using mobile odin?

    baseband is L710VPUCNDC
  6. droidagnostic

    droidagnostic Newbie

    No i wouldn't use mobile Odin. There's a bunch of warnings in the xda thread to not do that.

    I would make sure to be checking the md5sum on your downloads also. Been a bunch of people having not ding that cause issues.
  7. dennytechno

    dennytechno Member

    Okay i'll download the tar and flash via odin desktop. I just hope it fixes the data issues. I can't get my contacts.

    So to make sure. You odin the tar, flashed rom then modem and the first time it gave no baseband.. second time you did those three steps you got both baseband and data connection, but after flashing the deodexed rom you lost data connection but regained after two flashes of the modem alone in recovery?
  8. droidagnostic

    droidagnostic Newbie

    Odin tar. Then odin a recovery, most of us are using philz. (Sorry can't find link from my phone) I'm using philz d2lte v6.48.4

    Rest is correct.
  9. dennytechno

    dennytechno Member

    I odin back to stock tar but i still have no data. this is so fustrating

    it keeps showing "(check mark) System Update..." in the status bar. it's not allowing me to update my PRL, Profile or Firmware.
  10. steelyus1

    steelyus1 Well-Known Member

    Man, that should've put the stock APNs back and connected. If this is happening on EVERY ROM flashed, there might be a hardware issue with the radio antennae. I assume you don't have another phone to try it out on.

    Cuz when i flash and get no data, i always flash wicked our conquest and everything is fine again. Those 2 just seem to have the correct files my particular phone loves.

    Keep us updated!
  11. droidagnostic

    droidagnostic Newbie

    steelyus1 is right, something is off here. the 3 possibles are, hardware, software, dennytechno (no offense, 90% of my computer problems are me :eek:). My thoughts are that since the hardware was working before you started it's prolly not hardware and we can't help with the hardware so much anyway, so lets try to eliminate the other 2 first.


    try flash stock Rom again - check md5sum first to make sure you have good download.

    Try stock ROM from another source like Sammymobile (you will have to create a free account) Install instructions are below.

    Try the Wicked or Conquest ROM's - check md5sum first to make sure you have good download. Also note according to bilgerryan for Wicked-X you may need to flash ND8 tar first cause it uses ND8 boot loader, read the OP.

    FYI - Also if you get the stock working you can root it from Philz.

    Sammymobile Firmware Installation Instructions

    Extract (unzip) the firmware file
    Download Odin (I prefer v3.07) If you want another version look here
    Extract Odin zip-file
    Open Odin
    Reboot phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
    Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
    Add the firmware file to AP / PDA
    Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
    Click the start button, sit back and wait a few minutes
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  12. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    A few minutes is wrong. It's taken anywhere from 10 to 14 minutes to flash the stock image. It's important to let people know that so they don't think the flash has gone wrong.

    I came very close to pulling the plug when I flashed the Sprint version months ago because no one had yet given a time frame for the flash. This is the longest Odin firmware flash I've ever done on a phone.
  13. droidagnostic

    droidagnostic Newbie

    Yeah thanks wetbiker7

    That "few minutes" instruction is from the Sammymobile site - that's the problem with free information, sometimes it's worth just what you paid for it.

    I remember seeing that "it takes 15 minutes to flash" in one of the threads, can't remember if it was this ROM over on XDA or the Wicked thread...

    I didn't take anywhere near that when I've flashed it, prolly around 6 mins, and I've Odin'd the NDC/ND8 tar or Sammymobile stock 4-5 times.

    So anyway - Be Warned - YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY on the install times. :smokingsomb:
  14. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Yeah. What you read was probably one of the discussions I had with JDsingle. As far as I know he and I were the 1st ones to mention the length of time it took to flash the stock image. It took him right at 15 minutes and took me over 10. This was before Boost had even released their update. We flashed the Sprint ND8 image.
  15. steelyus1

    steelyus1 Well-Known Member

    I personally don't find that excessively long with flashing a stock .tar, with everything its doing. But, the caveat is i was told back when after doing it the first time. And i did see biker's and single's warnings first hand in here.
  16. dennytechno

    dennytechno Member

    So sorry i haven't been able to get back to you guys
    but i got everything working again, i dialed ##72786#,it resetted my number and i clicked"Activate Phone" in the More settings and it rebooted, my 4G came back within in a minute. Thanks for your help!
  17. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Yep. The main reason I mentioned the amount of time it took was to let others know so they wouldn't freak out and pull the plug thinking their phone had locked up. Anytime you pull the plug on a major flash like that you run a very high risk of bricking the device. I would've hated to see that happen to anyone.

    I agree with you. When you consider the size of the image and the fact that it's actually upgrading everything, it doesn't take an excessive amount of time. It just caught me off guard because it took longer than any of the other Odin images I've flashed in the past. ;)

    Thats awesome! I'm glad you were able to get it fixed. :)
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  18. Andreawh28

    Andreawh28 Newbie

    Thank you for this clarification. Now I know where I went wrong. I myself thought I was running the kit kat bootloader because of the 4.4.2 misconception. But hey, after a few mess ups, I'll know what not to do next time and end up a pro like I did with my Samsung Galaxy S2 epic 4G touch! At least I'm still able to run on wifi. Thanks guys for being so patient with us who are eager to learn.
  19. DidierMunoz

    DidierMunoz Lurker

    Where are the download links? Thnx
  20. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  21. Riothamus5288

    Riothamus5288 Lurker

    I'm new to this forum - where is the Notes part?
  22. antbonds

    antbonds Newbie

    can anyone point me in the correct direction to actually find the nd8/ndc .tar that I can flash in odin...I want to see if this rom could fix my problem but it clearly says I will bootloop if flashing from jb
  23. mydian

    mydian Android Expert

    Here you go: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2774333
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  24. antbonds

    antbonds Newbie

    thank you so much mydian...im pretty sure you just saved my phone..im pushing the .tar now...ill try and reply with results
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  25. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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