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[Boost Mobile] [ROM] Warp OEM 2.70

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mercury0x000d, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
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    The Warp OEM ROM!

    “Making the ZTE Warp everything it should have been straight from the factory - and more.”

    Warp OEM is a minimalistic, performance-centered ROM for the ZTE Warp with a custom-themed twist on the Warp's stock interface designed to deliver a professional look and feel.

    What users are saying:
    “It should be illegal for a rom to be this good...” -TyranTxHD

    “Clearly this is the best ROM for warps right now.” -Nerf1

    “Best rom for our Warps right now, 100% sure...” -aaanadie

    “Damn Skippy this deserves an A+!!!! Merc you worked your butt off, This thing is great! (still a few tweaks) but when it's completely dialed in, You should be very happy with yourself. This is going to be in the top 3 rom's, if not # 1 when you say it's complete.“ -sb43

    “Just wanted to comment on battery life.... Haven't charged my phone since 8am yesterday moning and have been using bluetooth with music, my news reader numerous messages and at least 2 hours of talk time it's currently 6pm next day and battery is at 73%...JUST AMAZING” -sinisterfox

    “Well, I've owned a number of phones and ended with the Warp. I just needed a phone at the time. I rooted it 30 minutes after opening the package. I went on the hunt for a Rom that was comfortable for me and my lifestyle. After leaving Stock I wanted to get back just so everything will work without much hassle. This Rom is BRILLIANT.....this Rom has intelligently responded to everything I threw at it, and just sit there waiting for my next commands. Dude, this is what phoning is all about. Efficient apps, actions that duplicate your thoughts, I'm telling you....I am blown away. You've paralleled Stock with working knowledge that makes this a premium product. I am now satisfied with my phone and will not stop to look for your return. Many thanks to you.” -gw4141

    “...I agree with other users, this rom IS THA BOMB!! I love simplicity. I flashed the test build of DTM's 1.8 oc kernal and it runs smooth as silk, ... I am really impressed. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and effort you have provided.” -kdraw44

    “Hi. I really love this Rom. You've done an excellent job. Super speedy and stable, it's performance on my phone leaves the others in the dust...” -rickwired

    “Got to say man, very nice, extremely fast, very stable, …great job man... been running it all day today and not a burp lol, thanks again for the hard work on this one, fantastic rom dude... ” -rcjosie

    “I Just wanted to say thank you to mercury0x000d, ever since i've downloaded your ROM my phone is soooo fast!!!! i dont know how you did it but my text messages are always on time, no more delays, i can send videos thru text ( Couldnt do that b4). I'm just happy and thankful, cant wait for the new version!!!!” -InferioIsGreat

    I have just finished installing this awesome rom! It made this phone into something new. lol This is truly a fast rom. I will now have to spend time to move into my new phone and set it up the way I like. Coming from a Samsung Prevail with CTMod 3.75.2 will take a little getting used to. But in a very good way! Goodbye my old friend Prevail, hello you incredible Warp! Thanks to all who worked on this rom, really good work guys, I love it. - riven67

    UPDATE: WARP OEM and all related downloads have been archived here at MercuryCoding.com

    Installation Instructions:
    Prerequisites: You must have a custom recovery (e.g. CWM or TWRP) installed to be able to load this ROM. Warp OEM is not for all versions of the ZTE Warp, only Boost Mobile customers. A version for Public Mobile is not available.

    Warp OEM now supports the uninstallation of many optional preloaded apps! To more simply support this new feature (and to reduce issues encountered when installing over a previous installation, e.g. a "dirty" install) the installer will now wipe /data as well. You will need to restore your other apps from within a management utility such as Titanium Backup.

    1. Download the most recent version from the download center above to your SD card.
    2. Reboot into recovery.
    3. Make a complete backup of your device!!
    4. Use the install from zip (CWM) or Install (TWRP) option to navigate to where you saved the Warp OEM ROM on your SD card and select it.
    5. When the installer script finishes, reboot your phone.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The making of Warp OEM:

    started with stock B08C image

    integrated complete B10G firmware update (deleting the spyware/bloat)
    -included amss, dbl and osbl patches
    -included all new/patched B10G library and framework files
    -omitted stock recovery




    deleted boot animation & sound

    integrated Mercury Sound Pack 4

    modified hosts file to integrate ad-blocking - aggregated from AdAway and MOAB by BSDGeek_Jake @ XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1916098)

    modified LMK values

    deleted /system/usr/xt9

    modified default_names.xml to remove extra Boost contacts

    deleted built-in USB driver CD image

    added Jbrd400's /data fix

    swapped stock kernel for Alien Kernel 3.0 (BIG thanks to DM47021)

    modified init.arthur.rc in ramdisk for flashlight fix

    added custom boot logo (made with Android Boot Screen Maker) to ramdisk

    added busybox to /system/xbin for rapid reboot option

    modified system_conf.xml to enable automatic brightness by default

    added hybrid build.prop incorporating MHolloway's SuperPhone III – thanks Mholloway! (many tweaks temporarily disabled pending more testing)

    rewrote updater-script (now includes platform verification check and swapfile init to trim first boot time)added custom init.d scripting to support default CPU speed setting, swap enable, SD card caching, and Warp OEM's PowerNap

    added update-binary common to most of the ROMs here (thanks Shin!)

    added flashlight script

    Modified SettingsProvider.apk:
    -enabled installation of non-market apps by default
    -WiFi is now off by default

    modified services.jar:
    -modified WiFiService.smali to enable WiFi tethering - thanks, jimsmith80!
    -deleted throttling functions (ThrottleService$1.smali, ThrottleService$2.smali, ThrottleService$DataRecorder.smali, ThrottleService$InterfaceObserver.smali, ThrottleService$MyHandler.smali, ThrottleService$SettingsObserver.smali and ThrottleService.smali)

    modified mms.apk:
    -changed “attached” to “attachment” in attachment actions menu
    -increased maximum message-per-thread limit to 65,536. If that's not enough, I don't know what is.
    -increased number of slides allowed in slideshow to 1024
    -changed supported image size from 640x480 to native 2560x1920 (near QSXGA-level HD support)
    -increased max attachment size to 8MB – that's right.... 8MEGS :D
    -made SMS automatically convert to MMS if greater than 160 chars to stop SMS split-up
    -increased Text message limit and Multimedia message limit settings (limit before cleanup) to 8192 messages each
    -enabled sending to up to 64 recipients at a time
    -changed maximum number of lines to which text input window will scale to 8 - thanks to Difusal at XDA!

    themed SystemUI.apk:
    -added custom signal meter icon set
    -added custom service indicator icon set
    -modified wi-fi icons when data not syncing
    -modified vibrate mode icon
    -added custom battery icon set with state of charge numbering
    -added custom battery charging icon set
    -modified battery charging idle and low icons
    -modified TTY icon font to Nasalization
    -modified other miscellaneous icons
    -modified status bar pulldown handle
    -modified charging image
    -changed silent icon
    -changed integrated boot animation
    -changed notification colors
    -changed Ongoing text to Background Tasks
    -modified linear layout line in status_bar_expanded.xml to remove title bar section and make clear button only show when there are notifications to clear
    -added LiDroid toggles
    -added swipe-to-clear

    modified settings.apk:
    -removed all remote references from XML
    -changed title to “Warp OEM Settings”
    -added ICS & custom icon theming
    -modified menu layout, added additional categories for convenience and made icons to match
    -made hidden internal screens available (USB tethering, proxy, testing and debug options, etc.)
    -made timezone menu always available
    -added WOEM version in About Phone
    -integrated overclock controls and UMS automount settings

    themed framework-res.apk:
    -removed "Google" watermark (maps_google_logo.png)
    -changed progress bar background (progressbar_indeterminate1.png, progressbar_indeterminate2.png, progressbar_indeterminate3.png)
    -removed easter egg image and edited accompatying text (framework.jar under smali/com/android/internal/app/PlatLogoActivity.xml)
    -added custom default wallpaper
    -replaced text selection handles with ICS versions and made semi-transparent
    -replaced “missing app” icon with ICS version
    -modified jog tab bars to blue
    -changed color of loading spinners to blue
    -modified sync icons to blue
    -modified pop-up help balloons to blue
    -modified animated location indicator to blue shades
    -modified ECB mode icon font to Nasalization
    -modified dialog alert icon
    -modified dialog info icon
    -modified voicemail icon
    -modified download icon
    -modified USB file transfer image
    -modded battery icon style
    -modded stat_sys_battery.xml and stat_sys_battery_charge for 1% steps in battery gauge using heavily trimmed versions of files provided by fruchtfliege at XDA

    removed unneeded apps:
    -Activation (activation4005.apk)
    -Android Keyboard (LatinIME.apk)
    -Boost Zone (Zone-Boost.apk)
    -browser (replaced with Angel Browser)
    -calculator (replaced with RealCalc)
    -camera (replaced with ICS Camera)
    -Documents To Go trial (DocumentsToGoViewers_PDF_Eval.apk)
    -Enterprise Management (EMCS_R1_3_0_84_PA-SprintCA.apk – also known as smith.apk)
    -gallery (Gallery3D.apk - replaced with QuickPic)
    -Genie Widget
    -Global Time
    -Google Partner Setup
    -Google Play Books (BooksPhone.apk)
    -Google Play Magazines (Magazines.apk)
    -Google Play Music (Music2.apk along with its predecessor, Music.apk)
    -Google Play Store (vending.apk – deleted in favor of the more recent Phonesky.apk)
    -Google Plus (PlusOne.apk)
    -Google Talk (replaced by Hangouts)
    -HTML Viewer
    -Launcher2.apk (replaced with FTL Launcher)
    -Live Wallpapers
    -Magic Smoke Wallpapers
    -Market Updater
    -MobileID (W_Installer.apk)
    -Movies (Videos.apk)
    -My Files (filer.apk)
    -NotePad (NotesPad.apk - replaced with UltraNote)
    -Oma Download Provider
    -Oma Drm Provider
    -Preferred Activity Provider (PrefAct.apk)
    -Protips.apk (homescreen tip boxes)
    -Sprint Installer (Sprint_InstallerNC_2100.apk)
    -Sprint Permissions
    -Stopwatch (replaced with Stopwatch and Timer)
    -Visualization Wallpapers
    -XT9 Keyboard (XT9IME.apk)

    added additional apps:
    -Auto Mount (modified version)
    -Camera ICS+
    -FTL (Faster Than Light) Launcher
    -Google Services Framework
    -Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard
    -No-frills CPU Control (modified version)
    -Root Browser Lite

    Notes and known issues:
    Note: If you are having trouble getting a specific app to work once again after installing Warp OEM, try un- and re-installing it. Instagram is one app which is noted to have this issue.
    -There is a noticeable “jumping” or “ripple” effect in the graphics during scrolling and some overlays/transparencies. This is a side effect of taking the FPS limit off the drawing engine and is considered normal, but you can use the smoothness fix to stop it if you'd like.
    -There is a bug where graphical elements do not display properly in alternate DPI settings. But since it still messes up the Play Store, I wouldn't recommend changing the DPI anyway.

    Special thanks to:
    The WOEM beta team! (bob-st, rickpcb, sb43, theminor19, TimeofDeath) You guys ROCK!
    rcjosie - For testing all the early versions I made. :)
    sinisterfox - For pinpointing which versions had the camera / camcorder issue.
    jimsmith80 – WiFi tethering in WOEM works because of this guy right here, folks. Also, his DroidSmith ROM is one of the several I reverse engineered to be sure I was correctly implementing Swipe-to-Clear. Thanks Jim!
    DM47021 - For making the best freakin' kernel the Warp has ever seen. Seriously... this ROM would only be half of what it is without his Alien kernel.
    And a big thank you goes out to all the other users and fans of this ROM. You guys are the reason I've pushed this project beyond the little system-customization-never-meant-to-leave-my-own-Warp as which it began. Thank you all so much! :)

    Change log:

    version 2.75
    -removed some apps to trim size (Flashlight, RealCalc, Stopwatch & Timer)
    -updated ad-blocking (hybrid)
    -minor theming work (changed ADB and silent icons)
    -added flashlight script in /system/
    -added auto killer setup to build.prop

    version 2.70
    -revised permissions
    -moved many apps to /data - installer now wipes /data
    -updated ad-blocking (MOAB 8-30-2013)
    -updated apps (QuickPic, Play Store, Google GMS, etc.)
    -minor theming work (semi-transparent text selection cursors, changed color of loading spinners to blue)
    -integrated Adreno GPU tweaks (thanks to Spizzy01 and CosmicDan at XDA!)

    version 2.53
    -removed throttle functions from services.jar
    -removed Google Talk to trim bloat
    -updated remaining apps

    version 2.51
    -added clear button back to SystemUI dropdown menu, but moved to an appropriate place

    version 2.50
    -added customized LiDroid toggles
    -added Swipe-to-Clear notifications
    -stripped out many third-party APKs for bloat
    -updated ad-blocking
    -minor theming

    version 2.10
    -added Google Play Store 4.0
    -added PowerNap v2
    -removed Angel browser due to stability reasons, replaced with One browser
    -patched services.jar for WiFi tethering fix (big thanks to jimsmith80!)
    -removed ES File Manager, replaced with Root Browser Lite
    -removed YouTube app, replaced with TubeMate
    -removed the automated software testing component monkey.jar
    -updated apps
    -updated hosts file

    version 2.01
    -updated apps
    -updated ad blocking URLs (hosts file)

    version 2.00
    -complete re-build based on firmware B10G
    -includes patched AMSS, DBL and OSBL
    -updated kernel libraries
    -added flashlight fix
    -enabled non-market sources, automatic brightness and WiFi off by default
    -removed lingering built-in XT9 support – still supported if installed, just no longer any traces of the bundled version
    -modified messaging app to allow bigger attachments, HD resolution and more
    -heavily modded settings menu with integrated overclock, UMS automount (thanks jrtstudio!) and more
    -removed Boost contacts
    -re-themed UI spanning multiple APKs
    -added new power saving tweaks
    -custom extended power menu with reboot, recovery, bootloader, screenshot
    -removed Quick Boot app – no longer necessary
    -added the powerful, root-enabled 920 Text Editor
    -this version includes only Mercury Sound Pack sounds for notifications and ringtones
    -updated installer-script to perform device check, wipe cache and Dalvik automatically, and precreate VM swapfile
    -included ad-blocking hosts file
    -updated all included apps
    ...and much, much more :)

    version 1.55
    -switched to Alien 3.0 kernel, giving Warp OEM virtual memory (swap) support as well as extra governors and I/O schedulers and a ton of other enhancements – all with a top speed of 1.8 GHz! HUGE thanks to DM47021 for all the hard work on this amazing kernel!
    -switched to ICS+ Camera (thanks to DM47021 for the sugestion!)
    -changed default wallpaper
    -updated some apps
    -moved all excess apps to the new Warp OEM App Pack, which can be flashed atop the base ROM to add in all the extra apps that WOEM has always included
    -removed more unneeded apps:
    -removed duplicate properties in build.prop
    -deleted ro.lge values from build.prop; they apply only to LG devices
    -deleted the ro.mot values from build.prop; they apply only to Motorola devices
    -changed windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec in build.prop to 90 as per Google's tech documents

    version 1.50
    -fixed camera and camcorder hang issue from versions 1.41 and 1.42
    -temporarily reverting to regular DPI density to stop Play Store issues – all apps will now update!
    -swapped existing keyboards for Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard by Johntanmi-added Network Monitor (to keep track of your tethering usage), Terminal Emulator, RootDim, Quick Boot (to provide quick restarting options until I get the extended power menu working in version 2.00) and No-frills CPU Control (thanks to LilBit for the suggestion – nice work, Bit :) )
    -bundled the V7 Neon codec needed by MXPlayer for hardware acceleration and SIMD on our phones' GPU
    -swapped Root Browser for ES File Manager (thanks to Shinru for the suggestion!) and removed the associated .root_browser file
    -swapped Screenshot ER Demo out for ScreenShot Free, which was my first choice in the very beginning, but didn't work then for some weird reason... after the major overhaul my ROM has been through since then, now it does
    -bundled app updates
    -changed build.prop with hybrid file which incorporates mholloway's SuperPhone III (thanks mholloway!) and a ton of other mods and tweaks... literally... the stock file is around 1KB and this one is ten times that size
    -commented all the build.prop modifications to show what they do
    -fixed and added Mercury Sound Pack 2.3 – which includes a couple of the weirdest sounds ever :p

    version 1.42
    -added the /system/etc/.root_browser file to remove ads from Root Browser
    -added some build.prop tweaks back in... so far, so good :)
    -fixed QuickPic close issue - thanks to MrBobo and MyndCTRL for pointing out the solution!
    -modified updater-script... again :p

    version 1.41
    -swapped kernel to 1.6GHz version - FIXES WI-FI TETHERING ISSUE!
    -remade boot screen to show change in clock speed
    -temporarily removed most tweaks and mods from build.prop - fixes play store incompatible apps & camcorder force close issues

    version 1.40
    -Replaced AdFree with AdAway which does a better job, in my opinion.
    -Replaced Shady File Manager with Root Browser Free by JRummy, who was nice enough to make this available for free for inclusion in ROMs. Thanks so much, JRummy, and thanks to jimsmith80 for pointing this out!
    -rewrote updater-script

    version 1.39
    initial public release


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    Post #1192 by MrBehexed, Jul 16, 2018 (1 points)

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  3. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    So, okay, guys... there it is :)

    I really was kinda hesitant to release it just yet because, frankly, there's still a lot about this ROM I don't like; there are several apps included in the ROM that I'm just not happy with. I'll be replacing several of the apps in my ROM with better ones as I get time to test them.

    Once you install Warp OEM and get through the initial boot in which all the fun stuff gets rebuilt (the data partition, Dalvik cache, etc.) you can look forward to some speedy load times. The highest I clocked was around 28 seconds; the lowest was 17.

    I'm eventually going to complete my study on how long the stock battery will last on a full charge while doing different activities while running Warp OEM. When all the data's in, I'll update the post.

    If you're not a big fan of the chance of having wi-fi issues or need Bluetooth like you need air to breathe, the stock Warp kernel can be flashed atop the default one and the ROM will still run, albeit without its signature speed.
    EDIT: Thanks to the Alien kernel, all issues with wi-fi, Bluetooth and RIL have been resolved.

    And speaking of speed, the internet access in Warp OEM is pretty swift, thanks in part to the included ad blocker. In my experience, pages load so much faster when you're not wasting half your bandwidth on transferring crap you don't wanna see anyway. So use it. No exceptions. :p
    EDIT: Ad blocking is now integrated into the ROM - no need to explicitly use it.

    Warp OEM is extremely stable, but bugs do still exist and it will help to have more bug testers on the project than just me.

    The installer script doesn't touch /recovery and won't format /data, therefore using it is quite safe. So download it, take it for a test drive, and feel free to let me know what you think and how it performs for you.

    I had lots of help from you all in making this ROM, not only in helping me fix things, but in giving me ideas and inspiration and steering me in the right direction when I was frustrated with how things were going. And for that, I say a very sincere thank you to you all. And also, thanks to all my future bug testers.

    Enjoy! :)
  4. NitroGeek

    NitroGeek Member

    Wheres the link
  5. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    Dropbox was being slow lol It's finally up.
  6. mholloway

    mholloway Android Expert

    Sounds awesome.good luck with this
    mercury0x000d likes this.
  7. mike4lyfe1

    mike4lyfe1 Newbie

    Just flashed this onto my warp, I cleared data, cache, and dalvik and flashed non oc kernel - I've got to say i LOVE FL launcher. I also like the way everything is zoomed out a bit and looks smaller and more compact. A few things that i ran into so far though.

    The pulldown menu doesn't show like in the screenshot you posted. i can't enable wifi bluetooth etc from the pulldown menu. i would recommend fixing that and adding swipe to remove notifications.

    +A little bit more themeing would be nice

    Also heres another huge thing, which is making me switch to another ROM, when i go to the play store it says most of the apps are not compatible with this device when i've used it previously before.

    Extended Power Menu..? reboot into recovery etc
    mercury0x000d likes this.
  8. PsyMega

    PsyMega Android Expert

    I recommend using downthemachines kernel to fix wifi and bluetooth.
  9. mholloway

    mholloway Android Expert

    Change the LCD DENSISTY BACK TO 240.that's why apps are not cmpatable.
    mike4lyfe1 and mercury0x000d like this.
  10. jimsmith80

    jimsmith80 Android Expert

    mercury0x000d likes this.
  11. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    I had no idea the market took this into consideration. I'll post an update to fix it. Although I'll miss the zoomed look :(

    Edit: Here's a thought: if you like the zoomed-out look too, you could change the density in build.prop, install your app, then change it back.

    Edit x2: OP updated with download link for the modified build.prop.
  12. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    I added an app called Notification Launcher which enables this functionality. But as my ROM doesn't touch /data it isn't set up by default. Go into the app and you can add five of your own custom toggle icons. I also recommend setting the icon to transparent. My logic for this was, if you want this feature, you can enable it. If not, then you can remove the app with TB or something, and no space is wasted. If you all would like, I'll add this feature natively into the ROM.

    I'm one step ahead of you! :p I'll roll this into a future release.
  13. junior437

    junior437 Member

    Should I use super phone 3 wit this or keep your build
  14. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    Actually, if you don't mind, I'd like it if you tried both :) I've been wanting to see how it performs differently on different build.props. Maybe this will iron out some of the issues it's currently having.
  15. junior437

    junior437 Member

    Tryed to install it ...I wiped evryting before install but I'm stuck on my carierr boot logo
  16. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    Which logo is that... are you referring to the green Android logo? I think that's the only logo in my ROM's startup sequence other than the custom one I put in. And just to eliminate the possibility of a faulty download/install, did you try it more than once?
  17. junior437

    junior437 Member

    I tried twice. The logo is public mobile (I'm in Canada) I see this logo before warp cream sandwich boot and before noob v4 and both work perfecly
  18. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    Is anyone else having junior's issue?
  19. junior437

    junior437 Member

    Ill try to reinstall and Ill give u news
  20. junior437

    junior437 Member

    I tried evryting can't get it to work
  21. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    I updated the OP with a new debug build I put together to try to help solve your issue. Try flashing it and see if it boots. If so, I'll know what the problem isn't lol
  22. NitroGeek

    NitroGeek Member

    Hey was the wifi problem been fixed
  23. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I like the look
    mercury0x000d likes this.
  24. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator
    Thread Starter

    Not in the official current version. I did a debug build to try to narrow down the source of some of the ROM's issues, so I'm inviting folks to try it out and report their results. I know it's fixable, since I didn't have that issue in my everyday version that I use and I wi-fi tether all the time... like right now as I type this. Strange this only cropped up in the release builds I made. I'm pretty sure it's some of the the build.prop tweaks, since on my daily driver build I don't have quite such an aggressively modded file.
  25. mholloway

    mholloway Android Expert

    So what are you doing ,going back to no int.d tweaks and stock build prop?
  26. MrBehexed

    MrBehexed Lurker

    Does anyone still have any of the files listed in the OPs post? The latest version would be great if not that's okay, after all this time the links are 404 can anyone help?

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